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Need Plates Now? Find a variety of Heat Exchanger Plates, in-stock & to-order!

Heat Exchanger Plate Inventory

In-stock in Green Bay, WI at Koss Industrial, Inc. we have a variety of plates available, and if your particular plate isn’t on-hand, we can order what you need: 1-800-844-6261 call today!  Here’s an example of some plates that can be found in our varied Plates Inventory:

  • CLIP6, CLIP8, CLIP10, …
  • FRONT6, FRONT8, FRONT10, …
  • H7, H10, …
  • M6-MBASE, M10-MBASE, …
  • TS6, …
  • …and more plates and gaskets!

We know components and systems.

We can provide a variety of services (from sizing to modifying, re-streaming, reconditioning, and more).  Trust KOSS to be your service-provider and supplier.  Koss Industrial, Inc. is an authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor & Pump SuperCenter – other brands available upon request!

Our stock contains a variety of components, brands, and component parts.

But if it cannot be found on our shelves, our team is dedicated to finding the solution to fit your needs, to help ensure minimal (or no) downtime for your process.  Consider KOSS, we can help you start-up and stay up & running!

Alfa Laval Standard CLIP Plate with Gasket for CLIP Heat Exchanger
Alfa Laval Standard CLIP Plate with Gasket for CLIP Heat Exchanger

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Alfa Laval Brazed Heat ExchangersA brazed plate heat exchanger is basically your “smaller” versions of the plate heat exchanger.  One of the main separating factors of plate heat exchangers is that the “larger” ones are separate by gaskets, whereas the “smaller” ones consist of brazed seals at the edges of the plates and the contact points of the plate are also brazed.

There are many advantages to the brazed plate heat exchangers, for example, the heat transfer efficiency makes the unit compact which is easily installed in locations where space is limited.  Also, seeing as the design of the this type of plate heat exchangers does not consist of gaskets, it is suitable for applications where the temperature and/or pressure rating is high.

Plate Heat Exchanger

Alfa Laval Baseline Plate Heat ExchangerA plate heat exchanger is a specific type of heat exchanger that uses metal plates in order to transfer heat between two fluids.  Plate heat exchangers are more beneficial than the regular U-tube or straight tube heat exchangers because the fluids are exposed to a larger surface area due to the fluids capability to spread out over the plates.  Now, the transfer of heat can take place while simultaneously increasing the speed of the temperature change.

Pasteurization Units

Pasteurization UnitsKoss Industrial, Inc. designs and constructs high-quality pasteurization units (HTST, High-Temperature Short-Time) to comply with all USDA and WDA sanitary guidelines.  Koss Industrial, Inc. will provide you with a turnkey solution that includes Alfa Laval Plates and G&H valves and pumps with an AC drive to control pressure.  You may choose from units that are skid mounted for quick installation and start-up or piped in place.

Because Koss Industrial, Inc. wants to ensure the high quality of  their units, they manufacture their own balance tanks, holding tubes, heat exchangers, and panel boxes.

When Koss Industrial, Inc. ships your unit, it’ll be ready to run.  Koss Industrial, Inc. will also include a parts manual, wiring diagrams, flow schematics, and operating instructions.

For more information about Koss Industrial, Inc.’s pasteurization units, click here.