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Creepy Crawlies? Control or kill your bugs with Koss Industrial as your OEM!

Creepy Crawlies? Control Or Kill Your Bugs!

The right bugs need to carefully cared for, the wrong bugs needs to exterminated.  Click the link to scroll through this seasonally-funny story to learn how Koss Industrial can help with pasteurising bacterial microbes and also with safely developing and maintaining your starter cultures in tanks, or in fully or partially automated systems!
Creepy Crawlies?

Alfa Laval FrontLine15 Automatic

Safe & Easy Access Plate Heat Exchanger Auto-Opens and Closes

Have you heard about the FrontLine Automatic Plate Heat Exchanger?  Not sure if you want to watch this?  Here’s a small taste of what’s inside this video:

  • Easy Access – frame automatically opens and closes,reduces service time (and cost), offers better hygiene  …
  • Key Switch – prevents unauthorized use  …
  • Safety Features – special consideration for the safety of personnel working alone  …
  • Innovative Design – fewer spare parts & no oils (better hygiene), fast speed, low noise level, quick access (~3 minutes)  …
  • High Performance – high capacities, up to 1200 gpm cheese milk pasteurizing , high flow rate capacity, lower investment costs (1 unit instead of 2)  …
  • Energy Savings – large plate size, total max. area 7000 sq/ft, higher heat recovery, more energy savings in a single frame  …
  • Space-Saving – smaller footprint, lower installation costs  …

Consider a Front15, or any size/style of heat exchanger.  Koss Industrial, Inc. can help you with your Heat Transfer needs.  You can trust KOSS to supply and service your Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers, we are an Authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor.

Pasteurization Process

Technological advances in refrigeration and food preservation have made an abundance of products readily available the likes of which people never would have dreamed of hundreds of years ago. One of the most important innovations, especially for the dairy industry, has been pasteurization. This process, which was developed by Louis Pasteur in the mid-19th century, is what allows us to have access to a variety of fresh, safe dairy products.

Pasteurization doesn’t destroy all of the pathogenic organisms in a substance, but rather reduces the number so that it is less likely to cause disease. Pasteur and his colleague, Claude Bernard, originally developed the process for use in wine and beer, but today it is most notable in milk. The process is quite simple: the product is simply heated to a certain level for a specific amount of time, which kills many of the antigens and increases its shelf life.

Focus on Energy

In these rough economic times, every penny matters, any chance you have to save a penny, take it!  A great way to save money (and energy) for farmers is to apply for the Focus on Energy Grant.  Currently, Wisconsin is offering various grants to those who switch (and meet the specified criteria of the applicable grant) to energy efficient means through bioenergy.    Bioenergy is energy from any biological material that can be used as fuel.  This fuel is in turn burned or converted in systems to produce heat, electricty, or even both!  It can even be as small as using energy efficent light bulbs or updating your operations to a variable-speed drive on the vacuum pumps, or even updating your pasteurization system, which Koss Industrial, Inc. can help you with today!

Pasteurization Units

Pasteurization UnitsKoss Industrial, Inc. designs and constructs high-quality pasteurization units (HTST, High-Temperature Short-Time) to comply with all USDA and WDA sanitary guidelines.  Koss Industrial, Inc. will provide you with a turnkey solution that includes Alfa Laval Plates and G&H valves and pumps with an AC drive to control pressure.  You may choose from units that are skid mounted for quick installation and start-up or piped in place.

Because Koss Industrial, Inc. wants to ensure the high quality of  their units, they manufacture their own balance tanks, holding tubes, heat exchangers, and panel boxes.

When Koss Industrial, Inc. ships your unit, it’ll be ready to run.  Koss Industrial, Inc. will also include a parts manual, wiring diagrams, flow schematics, and operating instructions.

For more information about Koss Industrial, Inc.’s pasteurization units, click here.