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Automation Myth-Busters

For those stuck in the old ways, we’d like to bust some common myths about automation.

Just as old cell phones have evolved into smartphones with multiple manufacturers & brands (like iPhone/Galaxy/Pixel/Lumia), so to have automation solutions for production lines and stand-alone equipment evolved.  Automation technology has grown to the point where there are multiple options & brands readily available from many manufacturers.

Automation Myths, Busted

  1. MYTH: “Automation costs a lot more.”
    BUSTED: The initial investment for Automation is a lot less then you think, and the technology packs a serious punch when it comes to giving you a substantial return on your investment (excellent ROI). The best part is that automation is scale-able, and can grow with your process over time.
  2. MYTH: “Automation is complicated.”
    BUSTED: We strive to make the complex simple. This technology has grown by leaps and bounds, it is incredibly intuitive & user-friendly, and it’s getting easier every day.
  3. MYTH: “Automation servicing & parts are hard to get.”
    BUSTED: The parts are often in-stock, or immediately available to order. You are not down for a week while waiting for a part, this technology is readily available and widely supported.
  4. MYTH: “It’s going to be too hard to train my workforce to use  it [Automation].”
    BUSTED: KOSS Programmers design the interfaces to be as easy to use as possible! With your input, we ensure ease of use (we use graphics/images to show your equipment on the touchscreens). We modify your screens so that you are able to easily control your process, using the lingo/verbiage/jargon terms that those in your plant use every day!  For example, if your guys call KOSS’ Grinder “The Processor”, then our Programmers will change the label.  Your user-interfaces complement your plant perfectly!
  5. MYTH: “My People Carefully Follow Our Recipes (no real benefit in Automation)”
    BUSTED: The truth is…personnel DO modify recipes.  Whether they’re attempting to be helpful (and have excellent reasons for deviating from the recipe), or they stray from the recipe purely on accident, the fact is that people are only human, subject to human-error.  Automation, however, is not human!  It can reduce judgement errors and inefficiencies by ensuring control.  Many processing set-points are highly subjective in nature (i.e. visual/color, taste, consistency, etc.) – Automation eliminates the discrepancies of subjective decision-making, that otherwise varies with each operator shift change in personnel.
  6. MYTH: “We’re already Automated, so we don’t need to look into it [Automation].”
    BUSTED: Just like your smartphone becomes outdated as new versions are release, new advances also occur in Automation. You upgrade your smartphones, your computers, your software…why not upgrade your Automation? You should at least look into it. Technology is growing at such a rapid rate. You need to make sure that you are reaping all the benefits of your existing Automation, stay up to date on upgrades and advancements in technology.

Benefits of Automation

  • Simplify The Complex – it’s easy to understand & operate.
  • Reduce Human Error – eliminate mistakes or slight miscalculations by effectively controlling your process.
  • Improve Efficiency – reduce cycle times and increase throughput by optimizing a repetitive (or delicate) process through automation (for example, increase efficiency by utilizing batch recipes.
  • Data Recovery & Logging – enjoy the perks of analytics; improve your product and your process by reviewing the data, then you can make adjustments to ensure that every batch comes out better.
  • Log Recipes, Minimize Risks, Enhance Your Product – Get better scores on your risk assessments. Control every step of your process to minimize risks. Know why it turned out better when someone tweaks a recipe. Control batches and track ingredients’ lot numbers for precise quality control.
  • User Friendly – easy to use, operator friendly.  Touch screen operation is ideal for production line use as it is very user-friendly. Operators are able to easily navigate the production line and its individual machines. With an image of the machine accompanying its specific control, precision is made easy!
  • Scale-able – We can plan ahead long-term. By starting you off at a lower initial investment and gradually bringing the rest of your plant (or process) online over time. We can make this technology more affordable & manageable for you. This ideal investment can grow with your process over time.

Ask Us About Automating!

Trust KOSS to make your process work in the way that is best-suited to you. Don’t worry if you have different brands of automated equipment or other challenges; we can tie into existing automation, or re-optimize your entire process/plant. Consider Koss Industrial, Inc. for Sanitary Process Control & Monitoring – we specialize in batch and continuous, from stand-alone equipment to plant-wide integration. KOSS understands the challenges present when providing compliant solutions and meeting unique project requirements. We will strive to make the complex simple.

Optimize Your Process & Energy Efficiency.

KOSS is a UL Listed 508A Panel Shop #E330004 – we offer control panel design and assembly, custom operator interfaces (push button, standalone, distributed), field services, a fully stocked parts department & electrical service vehicles, data collection (chart recorder, videographic, process historian with reporting), and PLC programming. Controls can be programmed to offer multiple recipes’ steps, ensure consistency by reducing human input. Utilize batch control to specifically organize activities and functions, ensuring consistency. So please…consider reaching out to us, let’s optimize YOUR manufacturing process and energy efficiency!

Call us for more Automation information – Koss Industrial, Inc. 1.800.844.6261 (toll-free).

CIP System

CIP (Clean In Place) Systems automatically control equipment washing. We offer a wide variety of systems, from 1-4 tanks with 50-3,000+ gallons. Skid features heavy-duty stainless steel construction with glass bead finish & adjustable ball feet. Koss is a UL listed 508A Panel Shop: #E330004, our Panel Boxes constructed to NEMA4 specifications. Allen Bradley controls standard with 10 included wash programs. Customizable single, dual, triple or quad CIP Systems are designed & constructed to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards.

cip systems | polished sanitary tanks | steam bundle | steam control valve | steam trap |supply pump | supply valves | return valves | pressure transmitters | RTD | Proof of Flow | AB Controls | Panel Box | Wire Diagrams | Chart Recorder | Level Transmitters | Burst Valve | Filter

Standard Equipment
Polished Sanitary Tanks
Steam Bundle
Steam Control Valve
Steam Trap
Supply Pump
Supply Valves
Return Valves
Pressure Transmitters
Proof of Flow
Panel Box with AB Controls
Wire Diagrams
Chart Recorder
Level Transmitters
Burst Valve

Production Line Automation

electrical engineering, automation, instrumentation, touch screen, friendly user interface, easy user interface, process line, product line, koss industrialKoss Industrial panels are UL Listed! We provide you with one main control panel (configurable & scalable) and a separate high voltage motor panel. Having a separate high voltage panel helps keep the PLC cool & promotes safety by reducing unnecessary exposure to the higher voltage.

We offer touch screen operation (push button available). Touch screen operation enables the inclusion of safety features in the programming. It makes operation easy. Touch screen operation is ideal for use in a production line as it is a ‘user friendly’ interface. Operators are able to easily navigate the production line and its individual machines. With an image of the machine accompanying its specific controls, precision is easier than ever.

We do programming! Controls can be programmed to offer multiple recipes steps, ensuring consistency by reducing human input. Utilize batch control; it organizes activities/functions specifically, ensuring consistency.

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Controls & Automation

Koss Industrial, Inc.’s talented electrical team provides a variety of services as well as products.

  • UL listed 508A Panel Shop #E330004
  • Third Party Sensor Certifications
  • Project P&ID Services
  • Panel design and assembly
  • PLC Programming Class III Safety
  • Process Control Systems
  • Sensor Integration * Temperature * Level * Pressure * Flow * Conductivity
  • Machine Services & Repairs
  • Fully Stocked Parts Department
  • Project Management
  • Consultation & Training

Check out employment opportunities at Koss Industrial and browse our official site.

stainless steel, precision machining, custom fabrication, waterjet, component parts, forming, sawing, shearing, punchin, notching, rolling, welding, polishing, finishing, deburring, blasting, custom stainless

Electrical Engineering

electrical engineering, electric engineer, stainless steel electric, stainless electric engineerAt Koss Industrial, Inc., we specialize in full plant, Production Line Automation and have over 30 years of Process Automation experience.

  • CIP Food and Beverage Applications
  • Ultra Filtration and membrane maintenance applications
  • Wastewater management
  • Process and packaging machine upgrades
  • System Integrations
  • CAD Drawings and Documentations
  • SCADA & Graphic Display, with Real Time Data Base & Trending

Our Pledge to Customers:

  • We will strive to make the complex simple

Check out employment opportunities at Koss Industrial and browse our official site.

CIP Systems

Koss Industrial, Inc.‘s CIP Systems allow users to automatically control washing of equipment. There is a wide variety of systems offered, single or dual systems available, from 1-4 tanks with 50-3,000+ gallon capacities, with chemical supply pumps for in-line chemical injection. There are 10 wash programs included.

Skids are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel box tube with glass bead finish and adjustable ball feet. Koss Industrial, Inc.’s CIP Systems are designed and constructed to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards.

Standard features include polished sanitary tanks, steam bundle, steam control valve, steam trap, supply pump/valves, return valves, pressure transmitters, RTD, proof of flow, panel box with AB controls, wire diagrams, chart recorder, level transmitters, burst valve, and filter.

Options available include, but are not limited to, skid mounted design, sealed manway, sprayball for tanks, overflow mounted outside, PH probe, conductivity probes, return pump, AC/Drive, other PLC manufacturers, flow verters, and plant installation.

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Koss Industrial, Inc. fabricates their own stainless steel enclosures, also referred to as panel boxes.  Koss offers a wide variety of standard sizes with depths ranging from 4″ to 32″!  Koss also fabricates their high-quality stainless steel enclosures custom to your needs, so you know you will get exactly what you want with Koss Industrial.

Besides customizing the height, width, and depth, you can also select options like a hinged or bolted door, wall mount tabs, welded center bar, double door, bolted center bar, etc.  The handle and back sub-panel are included on all Koss’ stainless steel enclosures as standard features.  The three-point latch is also an adder for a secure hold for the door, ideal for larger size enclosures.  So, when looking for stainless steel enclosures, take a look at what Koss’ can offer you.

Panel Box

Koss Industrial, Inc. manufactures a large assortment of sizes in  stainless steel panel boxes, with a large range of stock sizes and even manufactures panel boxes custom to your needs.  Koss Industrial, Inc.’s panel box is now UL® Listed, which is the “Underwriters Laboratories” certifying product safety and compliance solutions.

Pasteurization Units

Pasteurization UnitsKoss Industrial, Inc. designs and constructs high-quality pasteurization units (HTST, High-Temperature Short-Time) to comply with all USDA and WDA sanitary guidelines.  Koss Industrial, Inc. will provide you with a turnkey solution that includes Alfa Laval Plates and G&H valves and pumps with an AC drive to control pressure.  You may choose from units that are skid mounted for quick installation and start-up or piped in place.

Because Koss Industrial, Inc. wants to ensure the high quality of  their units, they manufacture their own balance tanks, holding tubes, heat exchangers, and panel boxes.

When Koss Industrial, Inc. ships your unit, it’ll be ready to run.  Koss Industrial, Inc. will also include a parts manual, wiring diagrams, flow schematics, and operating instructions.

For more information about Koss Industrial, Inc.’s pasteurization units, click here.