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Motors for Food Processing, Packaging, Outdoor & Highly Corrosive Environments

Stainless Washdown Motors look great and last longer –  withstanding environments that other motor finishes, such as paint, cannot endure.

Super-E Stainless Steel, 3 phase, Totally Enclosed, C-Face Baldor Motors are  a smart-looking solution for many applications. All of the external surfaces on these motors feature 300 Series stainless steel: motor frame, endplates, conduit box, shaft and base. Stainless Washdown Duty Motors are ideal for many applications both outdoor installations, and applications where particularly corrosive agents are being processed or used for washdowns, as in pharmaceuticals.

Stainless Washdown Motors include 300 Series stainless steel on all external surfaces, encapsulated windings, and a labyrinth seal on both ends of the shaft extension to protect motor bearings by rotating and expelling contaminants. Koss Industrial, Inc. stocks stainless washdown motors (along with many other component parts) – browse our online store today – www.StainlessSteelThings.com

Stainless Steel Things

Koss Industrial, Inc.’s Online Store, Stainless Steel Things, allows our quality products, and those of manufacturers such as Alfa Laval (we’re an authorized distributor), to be available to you with the click of a mouse!

Whether your looking to flesh out your equipment and/or application (such as the small lab cooker shown here) or your just keeping your spare parts plentiful, Koss can provide a wide and varied range of new and reconditioned products: tank equipment, heat exchangers, valves, pumps, instrumentation, motors, panel boxes/enclosures, fittings and more!

Baldor’s Stainless Steel Motors with Premimum Efficency

Baldor SuperE Stainless Steel MotorBaldor offers a line of AC Motors that includes a Premium Efficiency line that are made of stainless steel.  This Baldor motor is also referred to as a Super-E Motor.  The Super-E Motor was designed with the goal to conserve energy over extended periods of time.  Baldor has these premium efficency motors in three-phase and single-phase designs.

5-10# Lab Cooker

3540InletViewA 5-10# Lab cooker is a combination of many components.  The cooker includes motors, gear boxes, controls, a culinary steam assembly, and much more!

Koss Industrial, Inc., which is located in Green Bay, WI, currently has these lab cookers in stock and at unbelievably low prices!

Hot Water Sets

Hot Water SetKoss Industrial, Inc. builds their own hot water sets to custom specifications to meet any applications requirements.  Koss Industrial, Inc. follows all USDA and WDA requirements for their valves.  Koss Industrial, Inc.  can also add a variety of options, such as stainless steel motors, various control systems, etc.,  to these units so the hot water sets are  sure to meet the customer’s needs.

Hot water sets are key components in the HTST Pasteurization Units.  Besides this role, they can be used to heat  multiple number process tanks that manufacture products to precise specifications (i.e. hot water heated cheese vats).