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Need to Extend Your Filtration System Flow Rate?

Use the ideal filtration system pump from Alfa Laval, the LKH-90 with flow rates up to 2,200 GPM.  This pump features low noise levels and the lowest NPSH requirements. It conveniently has a front-loading seal identical to the LKH-75, not to mention that the LKH-90 provides optimum, high volume performance with it’s same, proven computer-designed, hydraulically balance impeller!

LKH-90 Performance Curves 50-60hz 60hz - INFO, 1 of 2
INFO, 1 of 2 – LKH-90 Performance Curves 50-60hz 60hz
LKH-90 Performance Curves 50-60hz 60hz - CURVES, 2 of 2
CURVES, 2 of 2 – LKH-90 Performance Curves 50-60hz 60hz

Koss Industrial, Inc. offers Impeller Trim Services and also Pump Sizing, Pump Testing, Troubleshooting, Refurbishing, and more.  An Alfa Laval Master Distributor, KOSS is your one-stop solution – we’re a supplier that has the ability to provide new, official branded parts and products, as well as recondition & modify (drawing upon our varied custom manufacturing capabilities).  Large or small – consider KOSS.

LKH Centrifugal Pumps Volumetric Flow

Centrifugal Pump

One of the most common series of centrifugal pumps would have to be the C-Series pumps.  Many distributors carry this pump, making it virtually universal.  This pump has been an industry standard for many years.

  Koss Industrial has the C series pumps available to purchase online.  For sizing your pump correctly, give John Koss at Koss Industrial (1-800-844-6261), Inc. a call to ensure your getting exactly what you need at an everyday affordable price.

SolidC Pump

LKH SolidC PumpIf you are looking for a standard duty pump, the SolidC pump is the one to choose.  this centrifugal pump is designed for pumping CIP solutions, utilities, water (heating, cooling, etc.), washing machines, and simple transport duty within working range.  The SolidC pump is suitable to be used in the food, dairy,  beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, light chemical, and water industries.

Alfa Laval’s Centrifugal Pumps: The Best of the Best

SolidC Pumps PicAlfa Laval offers many different types of centrifugal pumps.  The two most well known would have to be the LKH and the SolidC Series.  Alfa Laval’s centrifugal pumps qualify as “the best of the best” for various reasons including the following:

  • Sanitary 3A approved
  • Universal “one-size-fits-all” shaft seal
  • Self-centering stub shaft for easy assembly

The above are only a few of the many reasons why to choose alfa laval when in need of a pump!  Koss Industrial, Inc. can help you will all your pump needs–whether it is your initial new pump purchase (or even reconditioned!), pump in need of repair, or the need of replacement/spare parts–so delay, contact Koss Industrial, Inc. today!

Centrigual Pumps: The Basics

LKH Exploded PicSome consider a centrifugal pump to be one of the most basic pieces of equipment.  The main purpose of the centrifugal pump is to convert the energy of an electric motor or engine into velocity or kinetic energy, and in turn convert it into pressure of a fluid that is being pumped.

The energy conversion takes place in the two key component parts of the centrifugal pump, that is in the impeller and volute.  The rotating component, which is the impeller, is responsible for converting the driver energy into kinetic energy, while the stationary component, the volute, is responsible for converting the kinetic energy into pressure.

The Role of a Centrifugal Pump

SolidC Pumps PicCentrifugal pumps are responsible for the transfer of liquids through a piping system.  The centrifugal pump’s work begins when the fluid enters the pump impeller near the rotating axis and then the impeller is accelerated causing the liquid to flow outward into a casing (i.e. volute chamber) or a diffuser. Finally, the fluid exits downward the piping system.

Powder Funnel

Powder FunnelKoss Industrial, Inc. engineers, fabricates, & manufactures sanitary stainless steel powder funnels.

Powder funnels are not only used to quickly mix powders, but can also be used for various tasks, such as rapidly reconstituting a liquid concentrate.  Another feature of Koss’ powder funnels is the ability to CIP clean the unit making it even more cost effective.

These powder funnels are designed with a built-in powder inducer which minimizes the moisture crawling into the funnel, which in turn helps prevent clogging of the lower funnel area.