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Motors for Food Processing, Packaging, Outdoor & Highly Corrosive Environments

Stainless Washdown Motors look great and last longer –  withstanding environments that other motor finishes, such as paint, cannot endure.

Super-E Stainless Steel, 3 phase, Totally Enclosed, C-Face Baldor Motors are  a smart-looking solution for many applications. All of the external surfaces on these motors feature 300 Series stainless steel: motor frame, endplates, conduit box, shaft and base. Stainless Washdown Duty Motors are ideal for many applications both outdoor installations, and applications where particularly corrosive agents are being processed or used for washdowns, as in pharmaceuticals.

Stainless Washdown Motors include 300 Series stainless steel on all external surfaces, encapsulated windings, and a labyrinth seal on both ends of the shaft extension to protect motor bearings by rotating and expelling contaminants. Koss Industrial, Inc. stocks stainless washdown motors (along with many other component parts) – browse our online store today – www.StainlessSteelThings.com

An Industry Leader

In more than 70 countries worldwide one company is making a name for itself with top-quality, energy efficient motors that work as hard as you do. Their dedication to impeccable quality and great customer service has helped carry them to the forefront of industrial electric motors for a variety of uses. From food service to rock crushing and much more, business owners from around the world have been relying on these products to deliver maximum performance and unparalleled durability.

With a philosophy of continuous improvement Baldor is one company that’s simply not satisfied with good-enough. They want to be the best and their products speak to that goal. Their philosophy guards against resting in mediocrity as they continuously challenge their product designs and materials with ever-evolving demands. Innovation and a commitment to quality are hallmarks at Baldor and every Baldor electric motor is a testament to that.

Save Energy in Your Business

If you own a business then you know what a challenge it can be to maximize the bottom line. Rising energy costs are taking their toll on consumers and businesses alike. No matter what you do, or where you’re from chances are you’re just as susceptible to high energy costs as anyone else. In business this translates into higher overhead and decreased profits. However, many of the causes for overuse of energy can be prevented or completely eliminated.

Aging equipment is among the biggest culprits of energy inefficiency. Dated equipment often must work harder than newer equipment to complete a task. In addition to standard wear and tear you can also face the challenges of design inefficiency. Older equipment won’t feature recent technological advances and are therefore inherently inefficient. Replacing that equipment, or even just the motor, can help you save money in the long run. Using a 3 phase motor can significantly reduce power consumption. They’re favored for their efficiency and can help you bring your bottom line back up. Replace that older equipment or replace their inefficient parts and you’ll be glad you did.

What is a Gear Reducer?

Many machines utilize gears to carry out their designated tasks. Often times, it will be necessary to change the amount of speed or rate at which the gears rotate. When this is the case, a gear reducer is needed. There are several variations on the standard gear reducer, and the model that you select will be dependent on your particular needs.

The three main types of gear reducers are the worm, bevel and helical. A worm gear reducer is at a right angle and provides the highest level of speed reduction in the smallest package. A bevel gear reducer is at a right angle as well but it has a much higher efficiency. Helical gears are more efficient and can handle higher work loads than their two counterparts.

Baldor’s Stainless Steel Motors with Premimum Efficency

Baldor SuperE Stainless Steel MotorBaldor offers a line of AC Motors that includes a Premium Efficiency line that are made of stainless steel.  This Baldor motor is also referred to as a Super-E Motor.  The Super-E Motor was designed with the goal to conserve energy over extended periods of time.  Baldor has these premium efficency motors in three-phase and single-phase designs.