Stainless Steel Enclosure

Koss Industrial, Inc. fabricates their own stainless steel enclosures, also referred to as panel boxes.  Koss offers a wide variety of standard sizes with depths ranging from 4″ to 32″!  Koss also fabricates their high-quality stainless steel enclosures custom to your needs, so you know you will get exactly what you want with Koss Industrial.

Besides customizing the height, width, and depth, you can also select options like a hinged or bolted door, wall mount tabs, welded center bar, double door, bolted center bar, etc.  The handle and back sub-panel are included on all Koss’ stainless steel enclosures as standard features.  The three-point latch is also an adder for a secure hold for the door, ideal for larger size enclosures.  So, when looking for stainless steel enclosures, take a look at what Koss’ can offer you.