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Spring into spring with KOSS

Spring Into Spring – Find Spring Check Valves or Save on Spring Cleaning (CIP-style)

Spring Has Sprung – Say farewell to snow gear and hello to seasonal allergies – it’s the first day of spring!  Although we will keep our winter coats a bit longer; being located in Wisconsin, we’re sure to see another snowstorm or two.  We are ready to help customers shake off those winter blues and get refreshed & ready for new growth!

Want To Spring Into Spring?

We can help you “spring into spring” literally, with a spring check valve!  The LKC Non-return Valve from Alfa Laval is specially designed for use in stainless steel pipe installations, LKC-2 non-return valves prevent the reverse flow of fluids. Found in many different processes in varied sanitary industries, these standard non-return valves are safe and highly reliable.

Koss Industrial, Inc. is an authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor and Pump SuperCenter – with the ability to supply, modify, repair and customer-build components & parts from a wide range of brands and manufacturers.

LKC-2 Non-return Valve
LKC-2 Non-return Valve
LKC-Drainable horizontal valve
LKC-Drainable horizontal valve

Did You Automate Spring Cleaning?

KOSS 3 Tank Dual CIP System
KOSS 3 Tank Dual CIP System

Do you have the four basic ingredients needed to achieve a sanitary level of cleanliness when you are Cleaning-in-Place

  1. Time is at a premium, but cutting wash time too short may result in a less-than-sanitary clean.
  2. Temperature must be carefully controlled; not too high, not too low, and specific per the wash cycle needs.
  3. Flow needs to be at a high enough velocity to effectively scour clean those pesky fats & oils (or whatever your dirt may be).
  4. Solution won’t help anything if it’s too weak, ensure your alkaline and acid solutions are at the proper strength to function.

If you worry that your system might not be meeting one or more of these needs, contact KOSS.  You can trust in our experience.  We can modify, repair, and refurbish equipment & systems.  If you’re looking to improve an existing system or considering implementing a new CIP System, we’d love to hear from you – Koss Industrial, Inc. can help you innovate & optimize.

Get custom, not ‘canned’ CIP Systems – designed by our engineering group.

Want to save time &  enjoy more consistent, efficient cleaning?  Start considering KOSS’ custom Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) Systems today!  Learn more about how KOSS can help you negate threats, save time and improve efficiency by utilizing an easy to use, custom automated cleaning system to better control your process with less downtime spent manually cleaning. Consider a custom CIP System from Koss Industrial, Inc. – call today 1.800.844.6261 or 920.469.5300 – we’d love to learn more about your process and your unique needs!

Need An Overview of Sanitary Valves By Alfa Laval?


Today’s “featured in-stock item” is an Alfa Laval LKH 90 pump with motor.

Koss Industrial, Inc. has a broad, varied stock of pumps.  We’re an Authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor and Pump SuperCenter – we’ve a wide variety of items on our shelves, ready & waiting to meet your needs!

thumb Pump & Motor Assembly LKH90M348F2EN36AAN-075C18WSP

LKH 90 6″ x 6″ ports, Tri-Clamp connections, 348 mm impeller, Flushed Shaft Seal, C vs SC seal face materials, EPDM elastomer material, no leg bracket, 365TSC motor frame, no casing drain, 32Ra mechanical finish, no passivation, 75 hp, 3/60/575 voltage, 1800 RPM, Washdown Sterling Motor, Premium Efficient.

Assembly Item No 9634094711 (contains item # 9634094710 Sterling Motor).

Buy this LKH90 pump and motor while it’s still here in Green Bay, WI – or call 1.800.844.6261 and order today!

Sintered Stainless P-GS Filter Element (drop-in replacement)

Why consider a sintered stainless filter element?

P-GS Filter Element (sintered stainless drop-in replacement)Well, for starters, it can be regenerated.  You can regenerate it by flushing/cleaning to lower your operating costs and extend filter life!

P-GS provides high dirt holding capacity at low  differential pressure and high flow rate, and it can be regenerated by back flushing or ultrasonic cleaning to deliver long filter life and reduced operating costs. 13 lengths, 3 micron ratings and connection options. High-quality continuous 316L sintered stainless steel filter media construction with 304 SS welded end caps.

Consider KOSS for your filtering & straining needs.

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Why Choose KOSS Quality?

Custom Solutions.

What are my options?

Honestly?  Virtually anything.  If it’s feasible and functional (ideally optimal), we can help you with your sanitary stainless steel (system, equipment, component, part, or service).

KOSS is uniquely qualified to provide custom sanitary solutions because we have a strong history serving cheesemakers (since 1978) and many others throughout the sanitary industries (we now serve applications from industrial to pharmaceutical).  We provide solutions to meet and exceed standards, all that may apply, including both your personal preferences as well as the standards of your:  plant, industry, city, state, country, etc.

What makes “KOSS Quality” so special?

First thing that comes to mind?  Dedication to high-quality, long lasting solutions and our ability to take a project from design to completion in-house.  We won’t quote a less expensive material grade to win a project bid if we believe it may not provide a trustworthy long-lasting solution for your process.  So, whether it’s quoting a heavier material gauge, or a more resilient material grade – KOSS puts quality first.  When estimating or determining pricing, we don’t use base models or lower-cost materials that may not be suitable for your application long-term in order to lower our bid’s overall project price.

Why?  Because, at Koss Industrial, Inc. we focus on providing the best possible pricing for innovative solutions that complement each unique application.  We put custom quality first.  We don’t want to win your bid simply because we were the lowest-cost proposed; we want to win your trust (your project, and your continued business) with our competitive pricing, our innovative-solutions, and our lasting quality.

Innovate with KOSS quality.

A Cost-Effective Rotary Lobe Pump for Sanitary Standard Duties

OptiLobe Pumps – Simplistic Quality

Fun Fact:  These pumps are not as sensitive to temperature changes as other positive pumps.

Alfa Laval’s OptiLobe PD pumps are ideal for viscous food and beverage products. This optimized range of positive displacement pumps brings the quality and reliability of the SRU series into a simple, cost-effective range of pumps featuring:

  • An all stainless steel, paint-free exteriors
  • Front-loading seals
  • Universal mounting (all models)
  • Compliant with all FDA and 3A requirements
  • Six models with flow rates up to 211 GPM and pressures up to 115 PSI

Contact Koss Industrial, Inc. with any product and pricing questions – we even offer pump sizing services to help ensure you have the best pump to complement your application.  Browse our online pump selection, if the item you’re looking for isn’t online yet, please give us a call at 1.800.844.6261 (standard office hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm CST).

PMO Plus Continuous Process Mixproof Valve – find it at KOSS!

What can you find at KOSS?  Knowledgeable solutions, such as the Unique PMO Plus – Continuous Process Mixproof Valve LIMITED STOCK, SPECIAL PRICING

PMOPLCPBNNBWWWWE23030W22090TDN (p/n 9634082404), both Balance Plugs, Spindle Clean: No, Leakage Chamber CIP: None, Seat Lift: Both, Tri-Weld Connections, EPDM Elastomer, 3A Bright Surface Finish, 3.0″ Upper/Lower Body W22 Comb. 090 Orient., ThinkTop Digital 8-30VDC 3 Solenoid Indication, No Pigtail (std) … See More

Since 1978, Koss Industrial, Inc. has been serving Dairy & Food Processors as well as OEMs – providing quality solutions, as both a supplier and a custom fabricator.

Find more valves online – or call KOSS at 1.800.844.6261 for valves not yet added online!





11GS & 11GT Grinders by KOSS

11GS Grinder by KOSS.  Twin- or single-screw grinders (std. 20-25hp) feature interchangeable extrusion screens – easily change hole diameter per product needs – and as your needs & methods evolve, change the screen instead of the machine!

11G Grinder Models are available in Single Screw (11GS) or Twin Screw (11GT) styles – 1 or 2 augers (consider hooked flights for a more aggressive action),  grind 40lb product in 21 seconds (11GS approximation, varies by product, temperature, speed, etc.).

A standard CIP-able 11GS Grinder (1900lbs, crated = 2500lbs, 99″H x 50″W x 86″L) typically features: a 20 HP Motor, casters (for mobility), a frame-mounted strainer basket (for small parts during dissassembly), safe & easy faceplate removal (safely attached via shackle pin to a lifting chain on a pivoting jib crane arm), quick and safe faceplate & auger removal tools have designated homes right on the frame (no need to hunt for the right size wrench AND greatly reduce the risk of marring inside product contact surfaces).

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