PMO Plus Continuous Process Mixproof Valve – find it at KOSS!

What can you find at KOSS?  Knowledgeable solutions, such as the Unique PMO Plus – Continuous Process Mixproof Valve LIMITED STOCK, SPECIAL PRICING

PMOPLCPBNNBWWWWE23030W22090TDN (p/n 9634082404), both Balance Plugs, Spindle Clean: No, Leakage Chamber CIP: None, Seat Lift: Both, Tri-Weld Connections, EPDM Elastomer, 3A Bright Surface Finish, 3.0″ Upper/Lower Body W22 Comb. 090 Orient., ThinkTop Digital 8-30VDC 3 Solenoid Indication, No Pigtail (std) … See More

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