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Find Quieter, More Sanitary Steam – Generate Heat More Safely.

Hot stuff, coming through!

Why do you need a Shell & Tube U-Tube Heat Exchanger by Koss Industrial?

  • Sized for efficiency
  • Custom configured to individual applications
  • Longer lifespan with superior construction and corrosion resistance
  • ASME certified, models >6″ diameter (8, 10, 12 inch U-Tube Heat Exchangers operating above 15 psig mawp will be ASME stamped)
  • Built in-house in our Green Bay, WI facility

KOSS custom U-Tube Heat Exchangers for heating or cooling (ASME certification available!) provide superior corrosion resistance, their construction results in less weld fatigue (providing a longer lifespan than straight Shell & Tube models). Excellent longevity – tubes are suspended from one end, better allowing expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations.

Configure a custom U-Tube HX today – 316L stainless steel construction, clamp or weld body connections, various end connections, optional insulation (with SS welded covering), 4″ or 6″ body diameters (8″, 10″, 12″ dia. available), body lengths from 2-20 ft!

For a longer lasting solution, call Koss Industrial, Inc. today 1-800-844-6261!

Notes for all Heat Exchangers:

We recommend placing a Strainer prior to the Heat Exchanger (to prevent blockages & optimize performance, check out our Wedge Wire Strainers).

Always avoid hydraulic shock.

Ensure your Heat Exchanger is sized & configured for your application (consider current & future operating parameters, to ensure long-lasting optimal performance).

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

HXU2.5-6X60 Koss Shell and Tube Heat ExchangerThere are many types of heat exchangers out there, and the most common heat exchanger for high-pressure applications is the shell and tube heat exchanger.  It’s name pretty much give this heat exchanger away, it consists of a shell, which is the pressure vessel, and contains a bundle of tubes inside the shell.  Fluid A runs through the tubes, while Fluid B flows over the tubes (through the shell) and then the heat is transferred between the two fluids.

Koss Industrial, Inc. engineers and manufactures shell and tube heat exchangers, also know as u-tube heat exchangers.  Pictured here is Koss’ version of a shell and tube heat exchanger, a u-tube heat exchanger model number HXU2.5-6X60.