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Unique 7000 Valves

The one-piece body of the Unique 7000 design is formed from a single stainless steel disc. This ensures  an exceptionally smooth surface finish with no welds, resulting in maximum strength and reliable production, as well as improved hygiene. The ball-shaped body with no dead zones guarantees gentle product treatment and is extremely easy to clean. The upgraded sealing concept, with defined compression of sealing with metal-to-metal contact, results in maximum integrity for the liquids passing through the valve.

The Unique 7000 valve complies with prevailing health, safety and hygiene regulations in full, is EHEDG certified  and is authorized to bear the 3-A symbol for hygienic equipment design. Koss Industrial is an authorized distributor of Alfa Laval Tri-Clover products. Find your Unique 7000 Valves (cross body, divert, shut off) online at StainlessSteelThings.com today!