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Trick-or-Treat: Is Your Supplier Giving Out Treats?


We’re full of treats without the tricks, see the funny note and see why we’re a safe & ideal choice to be your supplier. So click this and see if we’re the sanitary stainless OEM for you – Happy Halloween!


Expanding My Business

For three generations my family has owned and operated a small dairy farm in southern Pennsylvania. Most of our business has been confined to a 10 to 20 mile radius from our headquarters, but when I started working with my dad a few years ago, we began to discuss expansion. Over the past few years our clientele has more than tripled, which has necessitated some significant changes.

First of all, much of our equipment and machinery had to be updated. This included a new stainless steel vat, as well as modernized packing equipment. While it has been a lot of work, the process is certainly paying off; we recently purchased a farm in New York and plan on growing our company even further.

What is a Heat Exchaner?

A heat exchanger is a basic piece of equipment that facilitates heat transfer from one source to another. Heat exchangers come in a variety of shapes and forms, being utilized for everything from refrigeration and sewage treatment to chemical and power plants. Some of the most basic types of heat exchangers are shell and tube, plate, and fluid.

As you can imagine, finding the proper heat exchanger for your particular purpose can be challenging. To that end, finding a heat exchanger manufacturer that can customize components for your specific equipment is often the best route. While this may not be feasible for small companies, this methodology can save larger corporations a significant amount of time and numerous headaches.