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Alfa Laval 8000 Series 3A Spray Ball

Alfa Laval 8000 Series 3A Spray Balls: ” …designed for cleaning complex processing tanks, kettles and various tanks. Products can be utillzed, dependent upon drill pattern, in vapor lines, evaporators, or similar vessels. Special drill patterns available upon request… ”

Koss Industrial, Inc. is an authorized distributor for Alfa Laval products. Check out Koss’ online store, StainlessSteelThings.com, for more tank cleaning equipment as well as a variety of other stainless solutions!

Tank Cleaning Equipment

Tank Cleaning Koss Industrial, Inc. offers a wide variety of tank cleaning equipment, including spray balls and jet heads.  There are many benefits of these rotary cleaning heads.  For example, when using this tank cleaning equipment you will experience improved tank hygiene, increased plant efficiency and reduced cleaning time,  a considerable savings in water, energy and chemical consumptions, significant reduction in waste, and those are only a few of the many benefits of the tank cleaning equipment Koss Industrial, Inc. has to offer.


SaniMidgetSpray HeadToftejorg takes another giant step forward in the “Tank Cleaning World”  with the new SaniMidget Spray Ball.  It has all the same great features as the original, but now is 3A approved.  This spray head can quickly clean internal tank surfaces ina 270° indexed pattern.

There are many benefits of this new 3A SaniMidget.  For example, the SaniMidget is self-cleaning and self-draining with a minimal amount of parts that are all assembled without any welds!

A Fast & Effective Way to Clean Tanks

TZ-74I am sure everyone has heard of the old proverb, “Time is money”.  This wise saying states that time is more valuable than money.  Money that is spent or lost can always be earned back again, however, time that is lost is lost for good.  That is why when selecting tank cleaning equipment, the “Toftejorg TZ-74 Brew Kettle Version Rotary Jet Head”  is the way to go.  This specific model has a 360° indexed impact cleaning for a stainless steel tank.  The Brew Kettle Version is equipped with special sealings to ensure its reliable work under the toughest conditions.

The standard design allows you to choose the nozzle diameter which in turn optimizes the jet impact length and flow rate at the desired pressure.  These nozzles then perform a geared rotation around both axes.  The first cycle is when the nozzle out a coarse pattern on the tank surface, and then in the remaining cycles gradually make the pattern more dense.  It takes a mere 8 cycles to complete the full pattern, a definite time and money saver.

All in all, when it comes down to it, this jet head ensures a better end-product and reduces the operating costs, which goes back to the well-known proverb, “Time is money”. So, why don’t you save your time and money and check out Koss Industrial, Inc.’s selection of tank cleaning equipment at www.StainlessSteelThings.com.