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Tanks for Any Application

CIP, COP, scrape, starter, balance, hardening, legal PMO, processors, rectangular, storage (tanks & silos), sub-chemical… those are some of the tanks Koss Industrial, Inc. creates.

There are a variety of shapes & sizes that range from 1-3,000+ gallons. Units are designed & manufactured at our facility to customer specifications, designed & constructed to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards  from 304, 316, Hastelloy, or AL6XN. We offer complete custom fabrication of any style vessel (we do ASME Pressure Vessels) with unlimited features – custom agitation is available: swept, scraped or dual. We also offer #4/#7 polish or glass bead finishes as well as installation & reconditioning services.

Hot Water Sets

Hot Water SetKoss Industrial, Inc. builds their own hot water sets to custom specifications to meet any applications requirements.  Koss Industrial, Inc. follows all USDA and WDA requirements for their valves.  Koss Industrial, Inc.  can also add a variety of options, such as stainless steel motors, various control systems, etc.,  to these units so the hot water sets are  sure to meet the customer’s needs.

Hot water sets are key components in the HTST Pasteurization Units.  Besides this role, they can be used to heat  multiple number process tanks that manufacture products to precise specifications (i.e. hot water heated cheese vats).