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Discover KOSS: See Our Shop In Action!

Watch Our Manufacturing Capabilities Video and Discover Koss Industrial!

NEW in 2017 – Watch Our Skilled Team In Action!

In less than 4 minutes speed your way through our shop, seeing Process & Mechanical Engineering, Electrical (Engineering, Automation, and Controls), Waterjet Cutting, Precision Machining (Multi-Axis CNC Milling & Turning), Component Services & Supplies, Fabrication & Finishing, and On-Site Services.

Discover Smaller Footprint Production Lines (For Custom Block & Barrel Handling)

Need to reduce the size of your blocks & barrels, without sacrificing all of your floor space?  KOSS Sanitary, Custom Grinders can help with that.  Other lines can be bulky, involving multiple steps and machines…KOSS Grinders can extrude barrels, directly into cookers or onto conveyors if desired.

Sick of harping?

Sick of harping on the same old issues when cutting your cheese barrels?  Cutting barrels can pose an enormous safety risk.  All of those moving parts can be an accident waiting to happen, and securing the area surrounding cutting machinery takes up a significant amount of space.  Instead of cutting product to reduce size, try a KOSS Grinder, or view some of our equipment tests in our Green Bay, WI manufacturing plant.  We’ve tested a variety of cheeses, in Grinders ranging from lab- to production-sized.  View some of our videos in the playlist below.  Can you see your product in a KOSS Custom Grinder?

Free up floor space!

Koss Industrial, Inc. believes your space is valuable, so why waste it?  Our production lines are custom designed to suit your space – whether you have limited floor space, or a height restriction, KOSS will find a way if there’s one to be found.

Sized to suit you, the biggest constraint on time for KOSS Grinders is load (feed) time…the standard “speed problem” is that our machines grind faster than they can be loaded.

Strong & sanitary, innovation is the name of our game – call us at 1.800.844.6261 and find out more about the Custom Grinder KOSS would recommend for your application!

Learn About Blowing Curd – Find Sanitary Pneumatic Conveying Equipment

Troubled with finding Curd Blowing Equipment?  Consider contacting KOSS about custom Sanitary Pneumatic Conveying solutions, learn what your options are to Blow Curd in the way to best complement your unique application needs.

Trust experience, consider KOSS.

Innovative Curd Blowing Solutions.


Curd Cyclone (shown with CIP Hook-up)

Separate air from blown curd – air escapes through the breather atop the cyclone while curd drops into the cooker (forms, or other machine at end of blower line). Stainless steel Cyclone Curd Collectors’ CIP-able configurations feature a Spray Ball Hook-up which clamps to the Cyclones Curd Inlet. Stands and mobility options available!


Table UnloaderCurd Unloaders / Auger Conveyors feed CIP-able Curd Air Lock Assemblies from Tables. The Double Helix Ribbon Auger feeds toward the center, dropping curd into the Star-Wheel whose rotating vanes introduce curd into the Blower Line.


Curd Air Lock AssemblyIntroduce curd into Blower Line, and are fully customizable (Teflon coating available, as well as other options). Curd drops into Star-Wheel (between the vanes), rotating into Blower Line. These CIP-able mobile assemblies can be modified to feed an Auger Conveyor or Curd Mill.


Whether you need a little Field Piping, a Full Plant Installation, or Emergency Services (+beyond), consider KOSS for high quality, experienced on-site service. KOSS DOES:  Troubleshooting, Breakdowns, Startups, Maintenance, Modifications, Additions, Removals, Piping, Automation, and more – CALL TODAY FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY! 1.800.844.6261


HEPA Air Filter Housing Assembly by Koss Industrial, Inc.
HEPA Air Filter Housing Assembly by Koss Industrial, Inc.

You’re Blowing Curd. How clean is your air? Don’t sweat the small stuff – have more faith in your utilities by relying on KOSS systems & equipment, such as Hot Water Sets and Air Filter Housing Assemblies.  High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters remove 99.97% of airborne particles. Easy access HEPA and Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) Filter Housing Assemblies by KOSS feature durable stainless designs, custom sizes and configurations available. Stay safe and sanitary, trust in KOSS quality.

Process Cheese Lines – Large Scale Sanitary Production Solutions

1200lb Cheese Line by Koss Industrial


Our talented team at Koss Industrial Designs & Engineers innovative solutions to complement your application. 2D/3D CAD Services, P&ID, Skid Design, As Built, On-Site Assist., Turnkey Project Management, Provisions for Future Expansion. High efficiency, low complexity & maintenance, KOSS creates Process Layouts and Plant Designs to provide production flexibility.

Learn more about the Design & Engineering capabilities of  Koss Industrial, Inc.

Wedge Wire Strainer Assemblies

Short Wedge Wire Strainer Assembly Sample DimensionsBuilt to 3A Specifications.  Available with a wide variety of mesh sizes, multiple inlet/outlet ferrule sizes and inlet locations, water-jacket versions, polished/unpolished strainers… Need an option not listed?  KOSS does custom.  Contact us today for unique configurations, Filter Assembly Stands (manual/auto, horizontal/vertical) & more.

Order Online in 4″, 6″ & 8″ styles – custom configure your strainer assembly!

Koss Industrial, Inc. – proudly serving Industrial & Sanitary Stainless Industries since 1978.

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Koss Industrial Booth 77 at the 2013 WCIC

2013 WI Cheese Industry Conference

Only one more day before the 2013 Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference at the La Crosse Center!

Koss Industrial Booth 77 at the 2013 WCIC
Come visit Koss Industrial, Booth 77, at the 2013 WCIC Tabletop Mini-Expo Wednesday April 17 (12:30 to 5pm) at the La Crosse Center

The conference takes place in La Crosse, WI from April 17-18.  Koss Industrial is in Booth #77 in the 2013 WCIC Tabletop Mini-Expo is Wednesday April 17 (12:30 to 5:00 pm). Stop by our booth to learn more about Koss’ capabilities – we’re able to provide complete custom stainless solutions for the dairy industry and a variety of other industries.

Be the first to check out component, product and test videos and learn more about Koss Industrial – an Alfa Laval Authorized Master Distributor and Pump Super Center in Green Bay, WI.

Stainless Steel Things

Koss Industrial, Inc.’s Online Store, Stainless Steel Things, allows our quality products, and those of manufacturers such as Alfa Laval (we’re an authorized distributor), to be available to you with the click of a mouse!

Whether your looking to flesh out your equipment and/or application (such as the small lab cooker shown here) or your just keeping your spare parts plentiful, Koss can provide a wide and varied range of new and reconditioned products: tank equipment, heat exchangers, valves, pumps, instrumentation, motors, panel boxes/enclosures, fittings and more!

Production Line Automation

electrical engineering, automation, instrumentation, touch screen, friendly user interface, easy user interface, process line, product line, koss industrialKoss Industrial panels are UL Listed! We provide you with one main control panel (configurable & scalable) and a separate high voltage motor panel. Having a separate high voltage panel helps keep the PLC cool & promotes safety by reducing unnecessary exposure to the higher voltage.

We offer touch screen operation (push button available). Touch screen operation enables the inclusion of safety features in the programming. It makes operation easy. Touch screen operation is ideal for use in a production line as it is a ‘user friendly’ interface. Operators are able to easily navigate the production line and its individual machines. With an image of the machine accompanying its specific controls, precision is easier than ever.

We do programming! Controls can be programmed to offer multiple recipes steps, ensuring consistency by reducing human input. Utilize batch control; it organizes activities/functions specifically, ensuring consistency.

Check out employment opportunities at Koss Industrial and browse our official site.

Stainless Steel on YouTube

Koss Industrial, Inc. created a YouTube channel to share videos featuring our durable stainless steel designs in action. Check out stainless steel as it cuts, cooks, conveys & grinds – and remember this is just the tip of the iceberg – we’ve created innovative solutions for a myriad of unique applications, stay tuned in to our channel for more custom stainless steel products.

Also be sure to check out our video on Bornemann Pumps – we’re excited to be a distributor!

CLICK HERE to enter Koss’ YouTube channel!

Koss Grinders

Koss Industrial, Inc.‘s Stainless Steel Grinders, fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards, are capable of grinding a variety of soft & hard cheeses. They feature easy-to-remove augers as well as a variety of optional face plates & grinder head plates (with several hole diameter options) and quick disassembly & release latches on head plates.

These easy-to-clean machines come in a variety of sizes; 5, 8, 11 and 14G Grinders with single or twin screw auger action.

Some of the standard features are adjustable tab feet, multiple hole extrusion plates (44%-57% open), motor & gear drives as well as fully polished screws. Some of the optional features are casters, CIP-able hook-ups, a pre-chop above the augers (turning cold/very hard blocks into a more manageable consistency) and Koss’ adjustable ball feet!

CLICK HERE to see our Grinders on Koss’ YouTube Channel!