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LKDC Manway Cover

The Alfa Laval circular stainless steel LKDC manway cover is used on top of tanks or containers, especially in the dairy industry,  where hygienic closeable interior tank access is required. The LKDC cover is supplied with a unique replaceable, self-sealing double lip seal to prevent fluids from spraying out, e.g. during CIP cleaning and similar processes or during travel on mobile tanks or road tankers. You can find these manway tank covers at Koss Industrial.

Koss Industrial is an Authorized Distributor for Alfa Laval Products – find more stainless solutions at Koss’ online store, StainlessSteelThings.com, at Koss we maintain a large pump, valve and fittings inventory (also parts, seal kits and much, much more)!

Alfa Laval 3A Manways

A manway is installed at the top of each tank, circular LKDC manways are used on tanks or vessels where interior access is required above the liquid level.  Koss Industrial, Inc., an authorized distributor of Alfa Laval, is proud to announce Alfa Laval has revamped their manways and they now meet all the requirements of 3A Sanitary Standards.  The manways are available in the LKD & LKDC models in various sizes.  This 3A manway is definitely the tank cover to choose.