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Do You Have Mad Scientists?

They’re fun Halloween costume ideas…Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde, Lex Luthor, Doc Brown, and so many other rabidly driven scientists, eccentric engineers, crackpot inventors, or indefatigable innovators – they’re all great, but we want to know about your Mad Scientists.

Do you have actual scientists who are angry? …or are your “Mad Scientists” impulsive experimenters on the plant floor?

Whether your plant has upset scientists or an exuberant innovator on the floor (who is filled with unbridled passion to experiment and try new things) – Koss Industrial can help you optimize your process and work with your Mad Scientists.

…if your scientists are truly mad (…as in insane, unhinged, deranged, or just plain loopy), then you have our sympathies (and you should probably try to stay on their good side)!

Manage the Mad Scientist on your floor.

Prevent the “Mad Scientists” on the floor from following ineffective impulses and ideas – record & report chemical use.

You see it happening…again.

Your “Mr. Clean” has the best intentions…his logic appears to be:
“If I use a half gallon today, then a whole gallon tomorrow will work even better! Probably twice as fast!!”

Sound familiar? We know what happens. Adding more cleaning solution is rarely the answer. If we use twice as much detergent, our clothes aren’t twice as clean after washing, but your “Mr. Clean” doesn’t  believe that…and you’re buying twice as much chemical.

Whether you are making ice cream or you’re cleaning equipment – KOSS can help you work with your innovative, impulsive machine operator (a.k.a. Mad Scientist). Don’t stifle their creativity, control your innovator’s environment. You can even empower their experiments by monitoring, recording, and reporting the results. “Why was this batch bad? Why is this one better?” Give them the tools they need to succeed and protect your batches by controlling their “experiments.” Unlock the secrets of your Mad Scientist’s success – partner with Koss Industrial’s Electrical Dept. for chemical monitoring with controls. Automation, Controls, Reporting and more – trust us to optimize your Mad Scientist’s top-secret laboratory.

Appease your (literally) Mad Scientists.

If they’re literally unhappy or upset, we have a few ideas on how to help your scientists find happiness.

Scientists & Laboratories – okay, so we all agree that they go together like peanut butter & jelly, cheese & crackers, a DeLorean DMC-12 & time travel…so what’s our solution to keeping your scientists happy?  A totally wicked laboratory (wicked as in awesome, not wicked like witches). You can’t be a great Mad Scientist without an awesome Secret Laboratory.

5s-10 Table Top Cooker (3534) is ideal for research and development with batches under 10 pounds!

Koss Industrial’s superior Lab-sized Equipment and Lab-scale Plants / Production Lines feature craftsmanship that meets & exceeds standards (3A, WDA, USDA, sanitary, pharma, etc.).

We’re an excellent choice for your original equipment manufacturer. Our design & engineering services are top-notch. Our fabrication & finishing quality is the stuff of dreams, and our modification & reconditioning services will let you drift off to sleep in a cocoon of safety and satisfaction. Totally custom is what we do, which is why we are a perfect fit for outfitting your Mad Scientist’s Laboratory.

Lab-Size Process Cheese Line by Koss Industrial
Lab-Size Process Cheese Line by Koss Industrial (contains Grinder, Cooker, Hopper, and platform)

Not quite ready to invest in lab-size equipment or plants? You could try appeasing your scientists with smaller gifts, trinkets and flowers; but Koss Industrial might still be able to help you. PLAN B, we recommend you try humor on your actually-angry Mad Scientists; maybe say something like “Don’t trust atoms…they make up everything.”  …unless you have a lot of employees named Adam, then that is probably not a good joke for you to be using in the workplace.

Watch our Lab Cooker in Action – Mozzarella Test

View our Extended 5T Lab Cooker Mozzarella Test Video to see teflon-coated stainless steel in action!  Enjoy the full length version of the November 2011 Mozzarella Test with a stainless steel, selectively Teflon-coated, 3549 Series 5T Lab Cooker.

These high-quality stainless steel cookers, designed and fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards, are available with Teflon Coating (as seen in this video on the cooker body, cover and augers) for a product contact surface that discourages sticking!  Koss Industrial has all the ingredients to provide whole solution – right here in Green Bay, WI.

Table Top Cookers

Too-cute and under two-feet ~ stainless steel Table Top Cookers!

Koss Industrial, Inc. designs and fabricates for all aspects of cheese-making (and many other sanitary stainless industries); not just full-scale production or even lab-sized machinery, Koss offers adorable table top cookers for smaller samples.

The model shown here is the 5S-10, Koss Industrial’s 10# single screw Table Top Cooker. The sample port’s design makes taking samples a breeze with the directed flow and the feet allow you to adjust the machine’s height to suit you. A Table Top Cooker makes an excellent addition to any product development process!

Koss cookers are available with a variety of optional features in many styles and sizes. We’re dedicated to providing custom stainless steel machinery designed & engineered to best complement our customers’ unique applications.


5-10# Lab Cooker

3540InletViewA 5-10# Lab cooker is a combination of many components.  The cooker includes motors, gear boxes, controls, a culinary steam assembly, and much more!

Koss Industrial, Inc., which is located in Green Bay, WI, currently has these lab cookers in stock and at unbelievably low prices!

Reconditioned Equipment Galore!

PA070314In today’s unstable economy, every penny counts.  That is why when looking at systems for the dairy industry Koss Industrial, Inc. has an extensive variety of both new and  reconditioned stainless steel equipment.  Whether you are looking for a 5-10# Lab Cooker or simply a couple of 761 Series reconditioned valves, Koss Industrial, Inc. is truly the company to turn to when looking for the best deal on the best products.