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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Simply put, a shell and tube heat exchanger is used to cool fluids on a large scale, such as in an oil refinery. The device consists of a pressure shell that contains tubes. Fluid is directed around the tubes using baffles.

To function, two fluids of different temperatures are fed into the exchanger. One flows through the tubes and the other flows outside the pressure shell. As the second fluid passes over the tubes the heat of the two liquids are exchanged. Tubes come in one-pass and two-pass forms.

Hot Water Sets

Regulating & maintaining temperature is a breeze with Hot Water Sets!

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Even Heat Distribution (eliminates hot spots;  offers quality control/ease of cleaning)
  • Lower Pressure (doesn’t require special jacketing)
  • A Safer Environment (as opposed to having high pressure steam runs throughout the plant)

Koss Industrial’s hot water sets are designed & fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards and are constructed from durable stainless. Heat Exchanger has 3A symbol. We design & fabricate hot water sets to meet the customer’s unique needs.

Available Options include: various material finishes, controls for hot water set, skid/wall mounting, different styles of expansion tanks, insulation, heat exchangers (ASME or U-Tube; 8, 10, 12 in. U-Tube Heat Exchangers operating above 15 psig mawp will be ASME stamped)

Dairy Industry

Koss Industrial, Inc. offers a wide variety of cheese processing equipment for the dairy industry, both new and reconditioned.  Some examples of Koss’ cheese processing equipment are the lab cookers, hot water sets, ClearBrine® Ultra Filtration units, cheese cutters (as pictured) and CIP Systems are only the beginning of what Koss’ has to offer.

Cheese Making Equipment

Cheese Making EquipmentKoss Industrial, Inc. offers a large array of stainless steel cheese making equipment, both new and reconditioned.  For example, Koss’ manufactures process cheese cookers, cheese grinders,  HTST systems, curd pails, CIP systems,   sanitary conveyors, clean catwalks, sanitary floor drains, and much more.

Pasteurization Units

Pasteurization UnitsKoss Industrial, Inc. designs and constructs high-quality pasteurization units (HTST, High-Temperature Short-Time) to comply with all USDA and WDA sanitary guidelines.  Koss Industrial, Inc. will provide you with a turnkey solution that includes Alfa Laval Plates and G&H valves and pumps with an AC drive to control pressure.  You may choose from units that are skid mounted for quick installation and start-up or piped in place.

Because Koss Industrial, Inc. wants to ensure the high quality of  their units, they manufacture their own balance tanks, holding tubes, heat exchangers, and panel boxes.

When Koss Industrial, Inc. ships your unit, it’ll be ready to run.  Koss Industrial, Inc. will also include a parts manual, wiring diagrams, flow schematics, and operating instructions.

For more information about Koss Industrial, Inc.’s pasteurization units, click here.