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Finishing Incline Conveyors

What do they do? This conveyor maintains temperature and ‘finishes’ adding texture (grain structure) to Italian (Pasta Filata) Cheeses. The Finishing Incline Conveyor essentially extends the filatura step (that creates the characteristic elasticity) of the Pasta Filata Cheese Making process. Filatura?  The Filatura step entails kneading & stretching the cheese in/with  hot water/whey to achieve  the desired texture/grain structure.

The teflon coating, which is available on Finishing Incline Conveyors’ augers and interior/exterior body, creates a non-stick surface. Teflon coating is an available option for additional equipment, both inside and outside of italian cheese making. Koss Industrial has over 30 years of experience designing & fabricating some of the world’s finest custom equipment for the Food, Dairy and Sanitary Stainless Industries.

Pasta Filata Cheese-Making

(Italian: “spun paste”)  Pasta filata is a cheese-making technique named for its distinctive stretching step (filatura), where the cheese is kneaded/stretched in hot water/whey.

The filatura creates the soft, elastic, stringy texture that characterizes pasta filata cheeses. Mozzarella and provolone are two popular examples from this group of Italian cheeses also known as ‘stretched-curd’, ‘pulled-curd’ or ‘plastic-curd’ cheeses.

Koss Industrial, Inc. designs and fabricates custom machinery for this unique cheese-making technique and others. Contact us for information on cookers, mixers, molders, extruders and more of our machines designed and fabricated for this particular technique.