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Reconditioned Valves In-Stock

Reconditioned Valve Stock in Green Bay

Reconditioned Valves In-Stock

Interested in Reconditioned Tri-Clover Valves? View Koss Industrial’s available, ready to ship stock of reconditioned valves!

Here in Green Bay, WI we repair & rebuild valves, stock new and used parts, and can custom build.  We also stock new & refurbished equipment.  

Our stock includes a large pump (KOSS IND: an Alfa Laval Pump SuperCenter & Master Distributor), valve & fittings inventory (as well as parts & seal kits).  We provide same-day service on in-stock items and have a large stock of raw materials (for faster project completion)!

Unique 7000 Valves

The one-piece body of the Unique 7000 design is formed from a single stainless steel disc. This ensures  an exceptionally smooth surface finish with no welds, resulting in maximum strength and reliable production, as well as improved hygiene. The ball-shaped body with no dead zones guarantees gentle product treatment and is extremely easy to clean. The upgraded sealing concept, with defined compression of sealing with metal-to-metal contact, results in maximum integrity for the liquids passing through the valve.

The Unique 7000 valve complies with prevailing health, safety and hygiene regulations in full, is EHEDG certified  and is authorized to bear the 3-A symbol for hygienic equipment design. Koss Industrial is an authorized distributor of Alfa Laval Tri-Clover products. Find your Unique 7000 Valves (cross body, divert, shut off) online at StainlessSteelThings.com today!

SRC Valves

What air-operated seat valve has both a sanitary & flexible design allowing a wide field of applications?  Well, that would be the Sanitary Remote-Controlled Valve–the SRC Valve.

The SRC valve is remote-controlled by compressed air.  This valve also has movable parts which makes the SRC Valve a very reliable valve.  The SRC has several body combinations including, but not limited to, shut-off, cross, & divert.

The standard SRC valve consists of the actuator, lip seal, plug, and valve bodies.  The valve has the welding ends as a standard feature.

“Y” – Diverter 4″ Valve

4 INCH Y BODY DIVERT VALVEThe “Y”-Diverter Valve is responsible for directing the end product from application A to B (C, D, and so on).  This valve can be easily dismantled for inspection after CIP, this valve can also be easily hand-washed.  This Y-Body  Divert Valve is frequently used for production of cheese curds of all types due to the open design there is a low fracture to the product.