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My Precious

For the past fifteen years I’ve worked at a cheese processing factory without incident—until last week. I was taking off my gloves to go on break and my wedding band came off with them. I reached out quickly to try to grab it, but it was too late; it had fallen into one of the massive vats.

I immediately ran downstairs to shut off the machine and try to retrieve the jewelry. The ring isn’t expensive, but it’s been in my family for six generations, so it has some substantial sentimental value. Luckily the stainless steel strainer in the bottom of the vat caught the ring and my family’s precious heirloom was preserved.

Our Burgeoning Dairy Endeavor

A few years ago my wife and I sold our home in the Hamptons and decided to purchase a small farm in our home state of Nebraska. After living in suburban areas for most of our lives, we were ready to reconnect with the pastoral pleasures of the Midwest. Since we’re getting older now, we didn’t want the full rigors of farm life, but we didn’t want to be sedentary all day either.

The homestead came with a small barn, so we decided to focus on raising cows and creating our own dairy products. As I said, we didn’t want much work, so we only bought enough cows to supply ourselves and some of the locals with milk and other dairy products. We started out with the basics, but our small enterprise has blossomed and we recently invested in some new cheese processing equipment.

Reveling in Technological Advancements

As someone who’s grown up immersed in technology, it’s easy to take the innovations of the last few centuries for granted. I mean, we get frustrated if we don’t have communication for a couple of minutes, whereas a century ago many people would be happy to hear from their relations a few times per year. Not only has communication grown exponentially—particularly with the advent of the internet—but so has the quality of our products.

Thanks to precision machining, manufacturers can mass-produce millions of tiny parts that work in conjunction flawlessly. From the tiny screws and microprocessors that go into your cellphone and laptop to the massive beams and steel plating used to construct immense edifices, everything around us is meticulously designed. And what’s even more amazing—in my opinion at least—is that many of us now take these amazing feats of design and engineering for granted

Dairy Industry

Koss Industrial, Inc. offers a wide variety of cheese processing equipment for the dairy industry, both new and reconditioned.  Some examples of Koss’ cheese processing equipment are the lab cookers, hot water sets, ClearBrine® Ultra Filtration units, cheese cutters (as pictured) and CIP Systems are only the beginning of what Koss’ has to offer.

Making Goods the Modern Way

cheese making

When I was in elementary school we used to always have a day where we would use old-country methods to create essential goods. There was typically a station for making candles and other practical crafts, such as whittling. One of my favorite activities was churning ice cream or using rudimentary methods for creating other tasty treats.

Thankfully, today we have advanced equipment to make these tasks easier for professionals and homemakers alike. For example, making cheese used to a time-consuming and painstaking task, but now we have industrial cheese making equipment that has streamlined the process.