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Koss Industial, Inc. est. 1978 - Celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2018

Celebrating 40 Years of Innovative Design & Custom Manufacturing!

What happened 40 years ago?

  • “Space Invaders” arcade game launched the video game craze
  • The Garfield comic strip was first published in newspapers
  • The Illinois Bell Company introduced the first ever Cellular Mobile Phone System
  • …and Koss Industrial, Inc. was founded in 1978!

Koss Industial, Inc. est. 1978 - Celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2018

We’ve passed a milestone and we’re celebrating 40 years of innovation!

Today marks the fortieth year that Koss Industrial, Inc. has been manufacturing custom stainless steel equipment in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Recently retired co-founders of Koss Industrial, Inc. – Brothers John (former President) and Joe (former Vice President) have dedicated over 50 years of their lives to serving cheesemakers.  With business degrees from Green Bay Badger Business College, the brothers are also former licensed cheesemakers who worked in their family’s plant (Badger State Cheese) until about 40 years ago. That’s when the brothers decided they liked building & improving equipment better than making cheese.

The business the brothers created in 1978 now employs a team of over 75, serving customers both locally and internationally.  Koss Industrial, Inc. is now providing superior quality sanitary equipment, systems, and services throughout & beyond the dairy industry; food, beverage, pharma, industrial, and now contract manufacturing.

Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation - Koss Industrial - est 1978

Koss Industrial, Inc. was founded on January 17, 1978

Trick-or-Treat: Is Your Supplier Giving Out Treats?


We’re full of treats without the tricks, see the funny note and see why we’re a safe & ideal choice to be your supplier. So click this and see if we’re the sanitary stainless OEM for you – Happy Halloween!


Creepy Crawlies? Control or kill your bugs with Koss Industrial as your OEM!

Creepy Crawlies? Control Or Kill Your Bugs!

The right bugs need to carefully cared for, the wrong bugs needs to exterminated.  Click the link to scroll through this seasonally-funny story to learn how Koss Industrial can help with pasteurising bacterial microbes and also with safely developing and maintaining your starter cultures in tanks, or in fully or partially automated systems!
Creepy Crawlies?

Do You Have Mad Scientists?

They’re fun Halloween costume ideas…Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde, Lex Luthor, Doc Brown, and so many other rabidly driven scientists, eccentric engineers, crackpot inventors, or indefatigable innovators – they’re all great, but we want to know about your Mad Scientists.

Do you have actual scientists who are angry? …or are your “Mad Scientists” impulsive experimenters on the plant floor?

Whether your plant has upset scientists or an exuberant innovator on the floor (who is filled with unbridled passion to experiment and try new things) – Koss Industrial can help you optimize your process and work with your Mad Scientists.

…if your scientists are truly mad (…as in insane, unhinged, deranged, or just plain loopy), then you have our sympathies (and you should probably try to stay on their good side)!

Manage the Mad Scientist on your floor.

Prevent the “Mad Scientists” on the floor from following ineffective impulses and ideas – record & report chemical use.

You see it happening…again.

Your “Mr. Clean” has the best intentions…his logic appears to be:
“If I use a half gallon today, then a whole gallon tomorrow will work even better! Probably twice as fast!!”

Sound familiar? We know what happens. Adding more cleaning solution is rarely the answer. If we use twice as much detergent, our clothes aren’t twice as clean after washing, but your “Mr. Clean” doesn’t  believe that…and you’re buying twice as much chemical.

Whether you are making ice cream or you’re cleaning equipment – KOSS can help you work with your innovative, impulsive machine operator (a.k.a. Mad Scientist). Don’t stifle their creativity, control your innovator’s environment. You can even empower their experiments by monitoring, recording, and reporting the results. “Why was this batch bad? Why is this one better?” Give them the tools they need to succeed and protect your batches by controlling their “experiments.” Unlock the secrets of your Mad Scientist’s success – partner with Koss Industrial’s Electrical Dept. for chemical monitoring with controls. Automation, Controls, Reporting and more – trust us to optimize your Mad Scientist’s top-secret laboratory.

Appease your (literally) Mad Scientists.

If they’re literally unhappy or upset, we have a few ideas on how to help your scientists find happiness.

Scientists & Laboratories – okay, so we all agree that they go together like peanut butter & jelly, cheese & crackers, a DeLorean DMC-12 & time travel…so what’s our solution to keeping your scientists happy?  A totally wicked laboratory (wicked as in awesome, not wicked like witches). You can’t be a great Mad Scientist without an awesome Secret Laboratory.

5s-10 Table Top Cooker (3534) is ideal for research and development with batches under 10 pounds!

Koss Industrial’s superior Lab-sized Equipment and Lab-scale Plants / Production Lines feature craftsmanship that meets & exceeds standards (3A, WDA, USDA, sanitary, pharma, etc.).

We’re an excellent choice for your original equipment manufacturer. Our design & engineering services are top-notch. Our fabrication & finishing quality is the stuff of dreams, and our modification & reconditioning services will let you drift off to sleep in a cocoon of safety and satisfaction. Totally custom is what we do, which is why we are a perfect fit for outfitting your Mad Scientist’s Laboratory.

Lab-Size Process Cheese Line by Koss Industrial
Lab-Size Process Cheese Line by Koss Industrial (contains Grinder, Cooker, Hopper, and platform)

Not quite ready to invest in lab-size equipment or plants? You could try appeasing your scientists with smaller gifts, trinkets and flowers; but Koss Industrial might still be able to help you. PLAN B, we recommend you try humor on your actually-angry Mad Scientists; maybe say something like “Don’t trust atoms…they make up everything.”  …unless you have a lot of employees named Adam, then that is probably not a good joke for you to be using in the workplace.

Discover KOSS: See Our Shop In Action!

Watch Our Manufacturing Capabilities Video and Discover Koss Industrial!

NEW in 2017 – Watch Our Skilled Team In Action!

In less than 4 minutes speed your way through our shop, seeing Process & Mechanical Engineering, Electrical (Engineering, Automation, and Controls), Waterjet Cutting, Precision Machining (Multi-Axis CNC Milling & Turning), Component Services & Supplies, Fabrication & Finishing, and On-Site Services.

Be Mine - Will you be our Valentine? Consider Koss Industrial.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re looking for a long-term relationship, but we’ll settle for a first-date.  Partner with KOSS on your next project.  Give us a chance to supply your spare parts, or to design & manufacture your new plant/expansion.  Our process lines and plant designs are created custom; enjoy high-efficiency, flexibility, low-complexity and optimized maintenance!  So “swipe right” for Koss Industrial, Inc.  For turnkey project management, for process piping, or for a spare gasket – make us your sanitary supplier & manufacturer.

Roses are red, Maintenance is blue, To cheer them up, We have solutions for you!
Roses are red,  Maintenance is blue,  To cheer them up,  We have solutions for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Koss Industrial, Inc.
(your not-so-secret admirer)

Preventative Maintenance:

The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Sick of the stress from problem-based maintenance?  Get proactive with help from KOSS!

Go from problems to prevention:

  • Stop being caught off guard.  Gain security, achieve better peace of mind
  • Servicing helps prevent bigger issues.  Reduce your spare parts consumption
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises.  Plan your budget and your downtime

Why make us your Valentine?

Be Mine…choose KOSS to help with your preventative maintenance program.
We can supply & service from a wide variety of brands and manufacturers.  Request your specific brand(s), or consider asking a Koss Industrial team-member for more information on Alfa Laval.  As an authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor (and Pump SuperCenter), Koss Industrial, Inc. has the resources & experience to rock your world.

Not only a custom manufacturer – we supply, modify, repair & recondition too.
We stock spares & seal kits and have a varied inventory of both new and used parts for a variety of equipment – we can even modify parts or components!  The best part…you can trust us.  We are well-acquainted with the stringent guidelines and unique needs of dairy sanitation.  Koss Industrial, Inc. has years of experience serving varied industries:  Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Industrial…and many other industries.  We help customers meet & exceed standards and requirements.

We’d like to get to know you…will you be in touch?

1-800-844-6261 (toll-free) – connect with us on the phone, request a visit from KOSS to your plant, or consider scheduling a tour of our plant (in Green Bay, WI) if you prefer to see Koss Industrial, Inc. in action.  Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with our Inside Sales Team – they will be able to assist you directly, or in more technical cases, they will bring your inquiry to the attention of our appropriate tech-expert, engineer, or specialist here at Koss Industrial.  Happy Valentine’s Day – we hope to hear from you soon!


Need An Overview of Sanitary Valves By Alfa Laval?

Alfa Laval FrontLine15 Automatic

Safe & Easy Access Plate Heat Exchanger Auto-Opens and Closes

Have you heard about the FrontLine Automatic Plate Heat Exchanger?  Not sure if you want to watch this?  Here’s a small taste of what’s inside this video:

  • Easy Access – frame automatically opens and closes,reduces service time (and cost), offers better hygiene  …
  • Key Switch – prevents unauthorized use  …
  • Safety Features – special consideration for the safety of personnel working alone  …
  • Innovative Design – fewer spare parts & no oils (better hygiene), fast speed, low noise level, quick access (~3 minutes)  …
  • High Performance – high capacities, up to 1200 gpm cheese milk pasteurizing , high flow rate capacity, lower investment costs (1 unit instead of 2)  …
  • Energy Savings – large plate size, total max. area 7000 sq/ft, higher heat recovery, more energy savings in a single frame  …
  • Space-Saving – smaller footprint, lower installation costs  …

Consider a Front15, or any size/style of heat exchanger.  Koss Industrial, Inc. can help you with your Heat Transfer needs.  You can trust KOSS to supply and service your Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers, we are an Authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor.

Do you have the four basic ingredients needed to achieve a sanitary level of cleanliness when you’re Cleaning-in-Place (CIP)?

  1. Time is at a premium, but cutting wash time too short may result in a less-than-sanitary clean.
  2. Temperature must be carefully controlled; not too high, not too low, and specific per the wash cycle needs.
  3. Flow needs to be at a high enough velocity to effectively scour clean those pesky fats & oils (or whatever your dirt may be).
  4. Solution won’t help anything if it’s too weak, ensure your alkaline and acid solutions are at the proper strength to function.

If you’re worried you might not be meeting one or more of these needs, contact KOSS.  If you’re looking to improve, we’d love to hear from you – Koss Industrial, Inc. can help you innovate & optimize.

Better Whey Drainage – Save Space Pressing Your Cheese

A-Frame Cheese Presses

KOSS A-Frame Cheese Press - vertical presses with better drainage
KOSS A-Frame Cheese Press – vertical presses with better drainage

Utilize less floor space than Horizontal Presses – “factory-friendly” mobile Vertical Presses are a preferred space-saver. When compared to vertical presses that stand straight up, our A-Frame Cheese Presses provide better whey drainage. KOSS A-Frame Cheese Presses provide a quality, lasting solution for your pressing needs – if you are searching for unique specifications, custom is what what Koss Industrial, Inc. does best.

What’s The Most Popular Configuration?

Empty A-Frame Cheese Press (double-row, 8 rows stacked 8 high) takes 64 Cheese Forms
Empty A-Frame Cheese Press (double-row, 8 rows stacked 8 high) takes 64 Cheese Forms

Most often seen on our shop floor in Green Bay, WI is the double-row mobile A-Frame Cheese Press, with 3 or 4 rows (or stacks of cheese hoops) on each side.  height varies, but each “row” is often stacked between 5-8 forms high (depending upon customer needs). The base of the press has a surrounding lip to safely keep the bottom forms contained, and to effectively drain the whey.  The whey drains easily to a center trough, towards an outlet at one end of the unit.

How Many Forms Does It Take?

How many cheese forms would you like it to take?  We have done single and double row units, standard double-row portable floor models and even single-row wall mounting styles.  KOSS can design and fabricate your cheese press to precisely your needs.  Whether it’s 64, 4, or more forms – we’ll help you find the ideal solution to press your number of forms (round or rectangular).  KOSS manufactures both 20 lb and 40 lb rectangular style Cheese Hoops.

KOSS 20 lb and 40lb Cheese Hoops with removable pins
KOSS 20 lb and 40lb Cheese Hoops with removable pins