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Clean-Out-of-Place Tank

When I was first approached by an employee about purchasing a new COP tank, I wasn’t sure what she meant. I did a bit of research and found out that COP stands for Clean-Out-of-Place. Frequently, COP immersion washers are used by pharmaceutical and biotech processing facilities.

A COP immersion tank is really a washer with a turbulent circulation system. Techs place dirty parts into the tank and the currents thoroughly wash the interior and exterior of the parts. COP tanks are especially useful for cleaning small parts where human hands might not fit for a thorough scrubbing.

COP Tanks

Here at Koss Industrial, Inc. we think you should be able to clean how you want. That’s why we design and fabricate highly customizable COP tanks to suit your unique application. Some of our standard sizes (manufactured from 12GA, 304 stainless steel 2B material):

  • 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 ft. Lengths
  • 117, 140, 185, 231, & 276 gal. Capacities (1″ below rim)
  • C1-3, C1-7.5, C2-7.5, C2-10, & C2-15 Pump Sizes Solid C-HP

Standard equipment includes (but is not limited to): Stainless> Capillary Tube Well, Check Valve (after steam valve), In-Line Steam Injector Device, Ball Feet, and Sanitary Pump (with painted motor) and Self-Acting Brass Steam Valve.

Optional equipment: Swivel Casters, Drain Valve/Port (in front of pump inlet), Stainless Wire Hanging Basket, upgrade to Stainless Motor, Electric Heat, LKH pump, Single/Double Manifold(s) and Cover(s) (split or single).



COP Tanks

Here at Koss Industrial, Inc., we offer an extensive line of products.  A few examples are cookers, grinders, heat exchangers, cheese presses, COP tanks, and much more!

Our teams of experts serve customers by providing custom engineering, metal fabrication, waterjet cutting, precision machining, component parts, electrical controls, instrumentation, and process piping services. Although we initially established our business to serve local dairy and food industries, we’ve gone on to serve the pharmaceutical and other industries requiring specialized equipment. And we’ve built a reputation as a trusted partner serving major companies in the United States and abroad.  These are only a few of the many reasons when looking for a COP Tank, or any stainless steel equipment for that matter, you should turn to Koss Industrial.

Cheese Processing Equipment

Cheese Processing Equipment - Pasteurization UnitsKoss Industrial, Inc. offers a wide variety of cheese processing equipment, both new and reconditioned.  Some examples of Koss’ cheese processing equipment are the lab cookers, hot water sets, ClearBrine® Ultra Filtration units, and CIP Systems are only the beginning of what Koss’ has to offer.