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Need A Pump To Gently Handle Sensitive Fluids? Think SRU For Hygiencic Low-Shear & Low-Pulsation

The smooth, low-shear pumping action of the SRU is delightful when you need to gently handle a sensitive process fluid. What makes the SRU even more desirable is the hygienic pumps’ low maintenance and consistent performance.

Does your process require contamination-free, highly hygienic pumps that offer low-shear and low-pulsation operation?

The SRU range is available with twelve different pump head displacements, flow rates up to 106 m³/h, differential pressures up to 20 bar, temperatures up to 200°C and port sizes from 25 to 150 mm in diameter.

Alfa Laval SRU rotary lobe pumps can handle both Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-Place (SIP), and they provide maximum performance & reliability with minimal effort (low maintenance heavy duty design/construction with a  minimized risk of contamination).

Built To Last, And Help Protect Your Product Quality

The SRU isn’t just reliable, it’s trouble-free and energy efficient!  Optimize your process with this great pump, gently handle your sensitive fluids while enjoying the superb flexibility of the SRU pumps’ design.

SRU rotary lobe pumps comply with EHEDG, 3-A, 3.1 and FDA hygienic standards and have ATEX approval for use in explosive environments. For more information, please contact Koss Industrial, Inc.

Consider KOSS for your pumping needs.

Toftejorg SaniMidget Goes 3A

Toftejorg® has a new rotary spray head that is designed for self-cleaning, self-draining, and inspectability, not to mention this Toftejorg® SaniMidget SB/3-A Rotary Spray Head is 3A Certified!

Besides being 3A approved, this rotary spray head consists of a one-clip assembly which makes for easy installation, disassembly and inspection.  The spray ball still maintains its excellence in cleanability and drainability.

Alfa Laval 3A Manways

A manway is installed at the top of each tank, circular LKDC manways are used on tanks or vessels where interior access is required above the liquid level.  Koss Industrial, Inc., an authorized distributor of Alfa Laval, is proud to announce Alfa Laval has revamped their manways and they now meet all the requirements of 3A Sanitary Standards.  The manways are available in the LKD & LKDC models in various sizes.  This 3A manway is definitely the tank cover to choose.


SaniMidgetSpray HeadToftejorg takes another giant step forward in the “Tank Cleaning World”  with the new SaniMidget Spray Ball.  It has all the same great features as the original, but now is 3A approved.  This spray head can quickly clean internal tank surfaces ina 270° indexed pattern.

There are many benefits of this new 3A SaniMidget.  For example, the SaniMidget is self-cleaning and self-draining with a minimal amount of parts that are all assembled without any welds!