Prevent & protect personnel - stay safer with Koss Industrial.

What Scares You? Fight Fright, Stay Safer.

Your heart is pounding as adrenaline courses through your veins. You can’t catch your breath, your skin is cold and clammy as you realize what almost happened. That was close…too close.

What are you afraid of?

Spiders, bats, rats, black cats, CLOWNS, commitment… the list of things you can fear is endless – so why add to it?

Fear public speaking. Worry about walking under ladders. Avoid abandoned buildings in the woods, but we don’t want you losing sleep worrying about your machine operators and maintenance personnel working on your equipment.  Koss Industrial, Inc. can help you prevent accidents and protect your team.

“Why are they looking at me like…WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES?!”

Have you had that nightmare where you’re standing in front of a crowd in your underwear? It’d be awful to end up at work wearing nothing but your briefs. In an episode of the popular 90s tv sitcom Home Improvement, Tim Taylor has his shirt ripped off by a rotating shaft on a machine that his mild-mannered assistant and friend Al Borland demonstrates on their show Tool Time. Although it’s funny to watch, most of us know that the shirt would not have safely (and hilariously) flown right off of Tim Allen’s back.

Having your clothes torn off by a rotating shaft is a real fear, but you’ll likely lose more than just your shirt if you become caught. Reduce the risk to life and limb, protect your people with custom Guarding, Caging, Modifications, and Safer Equipment Designs. Reduce contact (and risks) when you put a physical barrier between personnel and the machine. When you have Guards in place they can’t put their fingers in, their shirt can’t get caught in the spinning shaft, they won’t bump into a hot surface. Be on guard at all times with KOSS custom Guarding.

“Did that just move?”

Is everything in its place? Did I leave the door open? Paranoia isn’t always a bad thing. Imagine how many accidents begin with Jane Doe saying to Mr. Smith “Hey, wait a second – I wanna tighten this a little bit more” …but Mr. Smith didn’t hear Jane Doe.

The statistics, facts and figures tell us that far too many preventable accidents happen. Be  paranoid in a good way, utilize Prox Switches and Programming you can trust.  Let us help you plan for possibilities and prevent disasters. Knowledge is power – know when something is out of place, prevent a machine from turning on when guarding is not in place, stop a machine when something is out of alignment. The Electrical Department at Koss Industrial can help automate entire lines or integrate additional safety solutions into existing equipment.


Custom 11GS Grinder (20hp) with safety curtain, prox switches, e-stops, additional guarding/hood (#6787)
Custom 11GS Grinder (20hp) with safety curtain, prox switches, e-stops, additional guarding/hood (6787)

Use Safety Light Curtains and you can’t go in there – nothing can go in there, and nothing can come back to haunt you.

Use a Light Curtain to sense anything going in or out. When something enters the infrared light field, KOSS can custom program the equipment to do an emergency stop, flash lights, sound alarms, or even start playing the Imperial March over your speaker system… Whatever it is that you need sensed and triggered – trust the Koss Industrial Electrical & Automation Team to make it happen.

Don’t spend sleepless nights worrying over the “what-ifs” – invest in prevention.

We want you to sleep soundly at night, resting easily because you trust in your KOSS equipment to perform exactly as you intended.

Designed and built for your needs, Koss Industrial’s custom equipment & modifications offer the exact degree of safety you desire for your product, your plant, and your people. Services, Systems, Equipment, Components & Parts:  Get what you need  with Koss Industrial, Inc. (manufacturer/supplier in Green Bay, WI).