Road Crew Service is at the core of KOSS. Joe & John Koss started the business in January of 1978. The Koss brothers traveled between Dairy Plants, Fabricating and Repairing cheese processing and dairy systems on-site. Since then, the brothers have broadened KOSS’ range of capabilities and the company has now has a team of over 70 employees. Koss Industrial, Inc. will always maintain the dedication to quality, grown from our roots in Road Crew – providing high-quality on-site services to our valued customers.

Whether you need a little Field Piping, a Full Plant Installation, or Emergency Services (+beyond) – Consider KOSS for high quality, experienced on-site service.

So please remember, that KOSS DOES. Installations, Process Piping, Utility Lines, Emergencies, Troubleshooting, Breakdowns, Startups, Maintenance, Modifications, Additions, Removals, Automation, + (see MORE INFO on our range of services)!