On-Site Services from your Supplier

Do you want more out of of your supplier?  Do you find yourself frustrated, trying to choreograph a smooth project between multiple vendors and service crews?  Koss Industrial, Inc. believes in offering true turn-key solutions – from Design, to Engineering, Fabrication, Automation, Installation, Maintenance, Emergency Repairs…

Simplify your supply chain.  When your plans change, it can be a challenge to keep all of your project partners in the loop – some miscommunication is inevitable.  KOSS would like to help smooth your project experience.  This begins with the convenience of having a Supplier that offers multiple services, condensing many into one (so you’re syncing fewer schedules).

Our production & service capabilities are not limited to custom Equipment.  For services, in our plant or yours, consider KOSS for Parts, Kits, Components, Systems… we can service & provide entire Production Lines & Plant Outfitting.  Our wide range of welding and fabrication On-Site Services include:  Installation & Modification of Process Piping, Equipment & Systems, Steam & Utility Lines and Stainless Steel Construction.

Your project was outlined perfectly…until the flooring couldn’t be installed on-time. Now you’re rescheduling this and that, all while trying to balance out the additional down-time. Sound familiar?

It’s time-consuming and often stressful updating and attempting to coordinate the schedules of your project partners, your:  Piping Crew, Utility Line Crew(s),  Equipment provider(s), carrier(s), Automation guys, and so on.  When things aren’t going well, you probably feel as if you’re herding cats!  Avoid the hassle, reduce the downtime & additional expenses of crews holding one another up (when schedules aren’t quite compatible). Reduce the “many”, coordinate with one, consider KOSS.

Whether you need Field Piping, Full Plant Installation or Emergency Repair Services – Consider KOSS for your quality, experienced on-site service needs:  Troubleshooting, Breakdowns, Startups, Maintenance, Modifications, Additions, Removals, Piping, Automation…and more.

What exactly do we do?

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