11GS & 11GT Grinders by KOSS

11GS Grinder by KOSS.  Twin- or single-screw grinders (std. 20-25hp) feature interchangeable extrusion screens – easily change hole diameter per product needs – and as your needs & methods evolve, change the screen instead of the machine!

11G Grinder Models are available in Single Screw (11GS) or Twin Screw (11GT) styles – 1 or 2 augers (consider hooked flights for a more aggressive action),  grind 40lb product in 21 seconds (11GS approximation, varies by product, temperature, speed, etc.).

A standard CIP-able 11GS Grinder (1900lbs, crated = 2500lbs, 99″H x 50″W x 86″L) typically features: a 20 HP Motor, casters (for mobility), a frame-mounted strainer basket (for small parts during dissassembly), safe & easy faceplate removal (safely attached via shackle pin to a lifting chain on a pivoting jib crane arm), quick and safe faceplate & auger removal tools have designated homes right on the frame (no need to hunt for the right size wrench AND greatly reduce the risk of marring inside product contact surfaces).

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