Why to use a KOSS Culinary Steam Assembly

Culinary Steam, used in Food Processing, is often required to meet 3A Sanitary Standards / 3A Accepted Practices for dairy and food processing.  When you need your steam able to come into direct contact with your final product, consider KOSS solutions.

Culinary Steam Assembly (3in)Improve product quality, place a KOSS Culinary Steam Assembly between the steam supply line and your equipment where steam is in direct contact with product (ie Steam Injected/Infused).  Filter your steam for a purer product – more control, fewer particles!  Carbon element capable of removing 95% of particles two microns or larger.

Contact Koss Industrial, Inc. for more information on our high-quality, long-lasting Stainless Steel Culinary Steam Assemblies.  Select your size assembly today – order online!