CIP Systems

CIP SystemWith over 30 years of experience building CIP systems (Clean-In-Place Systems) for the food and dairy industries, Koss Industrial, Inc. will build you a high quality system that’s sure to meet your precise needs and specifications.  Koss Industrial, Inc. also builds standard CIP systems, besides custom systems.  Since Koss Industrial, Inc. is a custom design and fabrication shop, they can build single or dual (or more)  systems to your company’s specifications.  With your new system you’ll be able to automatically control the washing of your equipment.

Koss Industrial, Inc.  follows USDA and WDA sanitary guidelines for design and construction.  Since Koss Industrial, Inc. creates three-dimensional models, you’ll receive a precise drawing of the equipment you’re purchasing.

Koss Industrial, Inc. builds their own CIP units – including the panel boxes, tanks, and heat exchangers – entirely at their factory to ensure they’re building a high quality unit for you.  When Koss Industrial, Inc. finishes the project, they’ll ship you a turnkey solution – a complete unit that’s ready to run.  They’ll also send you wiring diagrams, flow schematics, and an operations manual.