SCPP2 Pumps In Stock and Ready to Ship

SCPP 2, CIP-able Pump, SCPP2 PumpsThe SCPP2 Pumps listed below are in-stock at Koss Industrial (Green Bay, WI) and can ship the same day! (compare to Waukesha’s Universal Pump)

The SCPP range of positive displacement pumps has been designed for use in a wide range of applications within: Dairy, Food, Beverage, Pharma and Personal Care markets. The highly efficient design is particularly suited to applications that are low in viscosity with medium to high discharge pressures. (note: in-stock and ready to ship inventory is subject to change with/without notice, the pumps listed below are in-stock as of 02/28/12)

  • Part Number: 9630930908 Model Number: SCPP2 / 006 YAAMEAAACAB1000
  • Part Number: 9630930909 Model Number: SCPP2 / 006 YBAMEAAACAB1000
  • Part Number: 9630560193 Model Number: SCPP2 / 015 YBAMDBAAAAA1000AA80
  • Part Number: 9630930910 Model Number: SCPP2 / 018 YCAMEAACAB1000
  • Part Number: 963056029   Model Number: SCPP2 / 030 YEAMDBAAAAA1000
  • Part Number: 9630560698 Model Number: SCPP2 / 045 YGAMDBAAAAA1000
  • Part Number: 9630560866 Model Number: SCPP2 / 060 YHAMDBAAAAA1000
  • Part Number: 9630561034 Model Number: SCPP2 / 130 YKAMDBAAAAA1000