Waterjet Services

Is water capable of cutting eight-inch thick materials? Definitely – waterjet cutting combines cutting and machining. It has the precision to cut a wide range of materials, complex shapes, and detailed corners with a high degree of accuracy.

Using this technology, we can rapidly transform your ideas into completed projects. Cutting at room temperature, there’s no heat-affected zone, thermal stress, hardening, or annealing of material. We can achieve net or near-net shapes right off the machine. The process produces a smooth, satin-like finish with superior edge quality – no metal contamination, distortion, fraying, cracking, or delamination. The narrow kerf width enables close nesting of parts and raw material savings, and it’s easy to pierce starter holes.

Since different jobs don’t require different tooling, there’s no need for costly and time-consuming tool changes. Multiple-head cutting and material stacking reduces overall unit cost and increases productivity. No other tool cuts or machines a greater variety of materials.

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