Table Top Cookers

Too-cute and under two-feet ~ stainless steel Table Top Cookers!

Koss Industrial, Inc. designs and fabricates for all aspects of cheese-making (and many other sanitary stainless industries); not just full-scale production or even lab-sized machinery, Koss offers adorable table top cookers for smaller samples.

The model shown here is the 5S-10, Koss Industrial’s 10# single screw Table Top Cooker. The sample port’s design makes taking samples a breeze with the directed flow and the feet allow you to adjust the machine’s height to suit you. A Table Top Cooker makes an excellent addition to any product development process!

Koss cookers are available with a variety of optional features in many styles and sizes. We’re dedicated to providing custom stainless steel machinery designed & engineered to best complement our customers’ unique applications.