Whether you need ‘a bit’ moved ‘a tad’ or you require something on a much grander scale, Koss Industrial can design and fabricate a dumper to complement your process.

There are multiple options available when it comes to formatting a dumper to suit an individual application, dump height being the most prominent of those custom variables. When customizing a dumper to fit your process there are hydraulic or chain driven designs, as well as options such as removable buckets. Those removable buckets are even available with casters for mobility.

At Koss we design and fabricate durable stainless steel machinery for a variety of industries, dumpers are but one product, contact us to learn more about products such as: grinders, conveyors, ribbon blenders, hoppers, cookers, fillers, filters, strainers and more! Learn more about the Pasta Filata Cheese-Making technique and the machinery involved by checking out previous blogs!