Cooker Mixer Stretchers (CMS)

Pasta Filata Cheese-Making

A Cooker Mixer Stretcher (CMS) is similar to a 620 mixer, but with two additional chambers separated by an adjustable dam which controls flow rate. The two additional chambers have arms to stretch the cheese during the filatura step of the pasta filata cheese-making technique, which creates the soft, elastic stringy texture that characterizes pasta filata cheeses.

Koss Industrial CMS machines can handle up to 4,000 lbs/hr and are designed/fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards. The interior body is Teflon coated, the exterior body bead blasted or polished, the CMS is fully CIP-able. Steam Injection (for cooking) is among the customizable options available. The CMS also features removable chambers, for ease of Teflon reapplication.

Cheese Molders, Extruders, and 620 Mixers are some examples of other Pasta Filata Cheese-Making machinery by Koss Industrial, Inc.