620 Mixers

Koss Industrial, Inc. creates custom machinery for a variety of production techniques, including Pasta Filata Cheese-Making. 620 Mixers use hot water to cook Italian, pasta filata style cheeses in a continuous operation.

Designed and fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards, these machines are CIP-able (check out Koss CIP Systems) with available options such as direct steam injection or steam bundles.

Materials and finishes suit the process; the machines feature Teflon coated augers and a textured body for non-stick surfaces.

Cheese Molders, Extruders, and Cooker Mixer Stretchers (CMS) are some examples of other Pasta Filata Cheese-Making machinery by Koss. Check out more Koss Cookers in action on KossIndustrial’s YouTube Channel!