Custom Tube & Pipe Branching

Koss Industrial, Inc. provides a variety of products and services, consider Koss for your needs. Not familiar with tube & pipe branching services? Check out the information below!

• Use a pulling process to branch connect direct from a full run of material
• Entire operation performed on one machine
• Elliptical hole cut from outside the pipe, port is pulled to size
• Port is trimmed or faced true for a perfect butt weld to be performed

Reasons to use a Pulled Port:
• Most effective method for tubing fabrication
• Significantly reduces number of joints in a pipe run
• Lowers material costs
• Lessens fabrication time
• Limits material handling
• Lowers inventory
• Normally no restrictions on locations of pulled ports (orientation & locations nearly limitless pending on run diameter & port size)
• Fatigue is not caused (cold formed, no intense amount of heat created)

Materials that can be pulled:
• Most malleable materials including (but not limited to):
* Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, CuNI, Aluminum Alloys, Copper