Process Grinders

5G Process GrinderKoss Industrial, Inc.’s  process grinders are manufactured of high quality stainless steel, the they’re very durable.  These grinders are fabricated to USDA and WDA sanitary standards.

Koss Industrial, Inc.’s grinders are capable of grinding both hard and soft cheeses and have removable augers.  Release latches on head plates allow the grinders to be disassembled quickly.  The units can also be cleaned easily.

Koss Industrial, Inc. offers 5, 8, and 11G grinders with a variety of motor sizes and horsepower.  With Koss Industrial, Inc.’s design, you can quickly disconnect the grinders.

Koss Industrial, Inc.’s “Standard” Grinder includes the following features:

  • Fully polished screws
  • Motor and gear drives
  • Single Screw
  • Adjustable tab feet
  • Multiple extrusion plates (44-57 percent open)

Since Koss Industrial, Inc. can  engineer, fabricate, and install all their equipment, they also have the following features available to all grinders:

  • Pre-chop grinder screws
  • Twin screws
  • Fully polished exterior
  • CIP-able hook-ups
  • Adjustable ball feet
  • Table mounting
  • Casters
  • Face plates
  • Grinder head plates with several options for hole diameters
  • Start/stop button
  • Emegency stop
  • Motor starter & disconnect