Koss-Made Wedgewire StrainerKoss Industrial, Inc.’s automated strainer stands are safe and efficient for straining processed cheese and other food products.  The strainers have pressure sensors located on both sides.  So when the pressure differential reaches the set point, the valves automatically divert the flow to the second strainer.  Then an alarm alerts operators that the strainers have been changed so they can remove and clean the first strainer.

Koss Industrial, Inc. also has manual strainer stands that require operator intervention to switch the three-way valves.  Switching can take place at a set time or when flow rates are reduced.

Strainers are avilable in three sizes:  four-inch, six-inch, and eigh inch diameters.  They’re available in two different standard lengths.  Koss Industrial, Inc. can custom fabricate other sizes to match existing shells.

The strainers have  multiple inltet and outlet options.  And all it takes is removsl of one Tri-Clamp to separate the wire strainer from the body for quick and easy cleaning or servicing.