What is a Heat Exchanger?

Simply put, a heat exchanger is a device that facilitates the transfer of heat from one medium to another in an efficient way. Heat exchangers can be used to move heat between either devices that are touching or those that aren’t even in the same room. This technology is utilized in everything from heating and refrigeration to petroleum refinement and sewage treatment. If you’re having trouble grasping the concept, the radiator in your car is a good example of a heat exchanger.

There are several different types of heat exchangers, with shell and tube being one of the most common. Comprised of a series of tubes, these heat exchangers contain multiple fluids which are used to transfer heat and regulate temperatures. Another one of the more common designs is the plate heat exchanger. These units are made of several plates that are connected together with a small space left in-between each one. Thanks to advancements in technology, these more simplistic heat exchangers are now viable options for HVAC, refrigeration and other common uses.