The Brothers Who Created Koss Industrial

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how Koss Industrial began and about the founders responsible for creating the company, then you’re in the right place! Discover more about the brothers who created Koss Industrial, Inc.

John & Joe Koss

Professional Biography / Origin Story

John and Joe Koss

Recently retired co-founders of Koss Industrial, Inc. – Brothers John (former President) and Joe (former Vice President) have dedicated over 50 years of their lives to serving cheesemakers.  With business degrees from Green Bay Badger Business College, the brothers are also former licensed cheesemakers who worked in their family’s plant (Badger State Cheese) until about 40 years ago.

That’s when the brothers decided they liked building & improving equipment better than making cheese.

John was always more passionate about building the equipment and modernizing the plant; with his innovative ideas on how to improve equipment and processes, John & Joe began working from John’s garage, then from inside Wisconsin dairy plants.  As Koss Industrial began, John designed and fabricated the equipment – doing the welding, programming, electrical, and mechanical functions along with installs & start-ups.  Joe called on the plants, doing sales; his major focus was servicing sanitary valves, as well as polishing equipment and even scaling walls during a project install.  Joe’s passion was

John and Joe Koss with their family at Koss Industrial (2017)- from L to R: Amanda, Nicole, Adam, John and Joe, Connie, Jason, and Joey.  Photo courtesy of Cheese Reporter.

attending auctions from Boston to California, obtaining equipment to refurbish and provide affordable sanitary solutions.

Together with help from their families, neighbors, and friends – the business the brothers created in 1978 now employs a team of over 75, serving customers both locally and internationally.  Koss Industrial, Inc. is now providing superior quality sanitary equipment, systems, and services throughout & beyond the dairy industry; food, beverage, pharma, industrial, and now contract manufacturing.

When asked for what advice or values they’d share with future generations:

Joe and John Koss –
founders of Koss Industrial, Inc.

John Koss believes hard work is the key to success, “you have to build good, solid equipment, do what you say you will do, and be honest in the way you do business”.

Joe Koss believes that hard work & customer service are vital to success in today’s market, to sum it up he recalled a phrase from an old calling card “early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise”.