Pressure Reducing Valve

car mecaAttention females! Have you ever taken your car in for service and been completely baffled by the automobile terminology that seems to come pouring out of the mechanics’ mouths? On top of making me feel ignorant, I always wonder if they can sense my weakness and choose to make up words to confuse me further, because they know I’ll never find out. Words like carburetor, axel, alternator, they are all Greek to me.

Last month I had to take my car in for its 30,000 mile service check up. After thumbing through the crinkled pages of out-dated People magazines for 45 minutes, my mechanic – Karl – approaches me to discuss what needs to be fixed. He suggested a pressure reducing valve be installed to lower the amount of wasted gasoline. I was momentarily speechless at the thought of Karl trying to save me money, and then he continued. He went further to say the piece costs $3,000 plus labor. Geez, I had been right all along.