Ultra-Filtration Units

ClearBRINE Ultra-Filtration (UF) Unit Koss Industrial, Inc.’s ClearBRINE Ultra-Filtration (UF) Units are equipped with a modified, continuous filtration system.  Brine runs through a rotary drum strainer and then flows through membranes, which filters particles from the brine.  A programmable logic controller (PLC) runs the process, and the pressure is automatically adjusted in the membranes based upon the required flow rate.  The system returns unfiltered brine to the balance tank and continues until it reaches the end of the run time.  Then it disposes of a small amount of concentrated uncleaned brine.

Koss Industrial, Inc.  manufactures the ultra-filtration units to USDA and WDA sanitary standards.  These UF Units come in a variety of sizes and allow for an easy visual check to see if the membrane units are still in proper working order.