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Adventures in Faucet Repair

When it rains it pours! While readying the guest bathroom for an overnight visitor, the faucet handle came right off. I’m pretty handy with a set of tools, so I went about disassembling the handle and unscrewing the back plate to take a look at the cartridge. Unfortunately, everything in our apartment is so old that the cartridge was lodged firmly in place. I threw my back out trying to dislodge the broken cartridge.

Finally, I gave up and called a plumber. Since it was a simple fix (and I had done most of the work already) they were able to get me fixed up in no time. I asked lots of questions – hey I still had to pay the whole fee! – about future repairs. I learned a lot and even picked up a tip on removing the seat valve from a sink faucet.

Cheese Making Equipment

Cheese Making EquipmentKoss Industrial, Inc. offers a large array of stainless steel cheese making equipment, both new and reconditioned.  For example, Koss’ manufactures process cheese cookers, cheese grinders,  HTST systems, curd pails, CIP systems,   sanitary conveyors, clean catwalks, sanitary floor drains, and much more.