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How Safe Are Your Customers? Identify Threats To Your Sanitary Clean.

Scrub-a-dub-dub, are there pathogens in your tub (or rather, in your vessel, piping, or anywhere else in your plant)?! 

Koss Industrial Augers - agitating water - clean
You know that cleaning takes more than splashing some water around – getting a sanitary clean requires careful planning and execution.  KOSS understands sanitary needs.

Don’t risk your good name and hard-earned branding by placing your trust in a questionable “clean”.  Whether you’re Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) or out of place (COP), there’s always room to improve where product quality and safety are concerned!

Residual bacteria may be hiding in your process, there are a number of possible factors adversely affecting the cleanliness of your “clean”.  All it takes to damage your reputation and trust with consumers is to have an off-flavor, or for your product to spoil before it’s “Best By:” date!  Since 1978, Koss Industrial, Inc. has worked with Cheese Makers and others in the Dairy Industry, we are familiar with the stringent guidelines and unique needs.  Whatever your application, you can trust KOSS to understand that unique applications require custom, careful solutions.

How ‘at-risk’ is your process?

  • Dead Zones.  Or Dead Legs, or Dead Space, or Shadows, or “what-was-my-OEM-thinking-when-they-designed-this?!”…whatever you call these different types of awkward areas where cleaning doesn’t quite touch, the cleaning solution, the spray from your cleaning device, it doesn’t quite reach that entire surface.  Whether the spray is blocked by the angle of a ferrule or the shaft of an agitator, without direct spray contact, that section of surface is iffy-at-best (or, much more likely, it is filthy). 
    KOSS can help, modifying your existing products, or providing new components/equipment/systems, or otherwise servicing your plant!

    KOSS Curd Cyclone CIP-able Sprayball
    Cleaning-Devices, both in selection and placement, can make or break the cleanliness yielded by your cleaning process.  Do you trust your OEM?
  • Sloppy Slopes & Other Drainage Fails.  Whether your piping is just a little too flat, or totally flat, your situation is inadequate draining.  Maybe it’s sloppy slopes in your vessel bottom, or incorrectly mounted components (such as PD pumps needing to be vertical, both in design and in their placement…), or even process piping supports gone bad…these inadequate draining situations can give safe harbor to bacteria.Consider KOSS for new products & on-site services, we also provide modification services.
  • Poor Welds & Polishing Problems.  Superior quality continuous welds are absolutely necessary for sanitary components, equipment, and systems…that’s why Koss Industrial only brings in the best welders, fabricators, and finishers. Our craftsmen’s skills need to yield food-grade results, we’re serious about providing hygienic products and services to the Dairy Industry.

    A superior weld needs a superior finish. You can trust KOSS to provide a true sanitary weld and finish.
    A superior weld needs a superior finish. You can trust KOSS to provide a true sanitary weld and finish.
  • Sharp Corners.  Smooth product contact surfaces are the ideal, a nice radius provides a more cleanly surface, especially when  compared to square corners, or corners with welds, that are more difficult to clean and can provide a safe haven for undesirables (bacteria).

    Keep clean, avoid square corners, or corners with welds. KOSS knows sanitary design, as you can see in this image (our COP Tank agitation)
    Keep clean, avoid square corners, or corners with welds. KOSS knows sanitary design, as you can see in this image (our COP Tank agitation)
  • Slow Flow.  Maybe you’ve added additional piping, or perhaps your flow velocity has always been less than ideal, whatever the reason, if your flow isn’t turbulent enough to appropriately scour the surface, then you aren’t getting a truly sanitary clean.  Interested in ‘beefing up’ your pumps?  KOSS is an Authorized Alfa Laval Pump SuperCenter with a varied stock here in Green Bay, WI (we’re able to supply & service a variety of brands to meet individual customer requirements).
  • Tepid Temperatures.  Even if it’s not “tepid”, it’s still not hot enough, or maybe its too hot…identifying & adhering to the proper temperature for cleaning your process is necessary for you to clean effectively.  Monitoring & controlling is vital to maintain the necessary temperature – KOSS’ Electrical Dept. is experienced in providing sanitary control via proper instrumentation and automation.
  • Where’s the soap?!  Is your chemical really in your cleaning solution?  Or rather, is enough chemical in your cleaning solution for it to be effective?  Dosing Pumps are a great idea to control the instruction of chemicals into your cleaning solution.  Conductivity Transmitters/Probes/Sensors are quite helpful if you want to verify the strengths of your caustic and acid in your cleaning solutions.

Protect your customers and your brand!  Identify threats to your sanitary clean, contact Koss Industrial, Inc. when you’re ready to shore up the weaker points in your cleaning process.  Stay sanitary, and consider KOSS!

4′ COP Tank – 117 gallon (1 in-stock!)

117 GAL CAPACITY @ 1″ below rim, 62″ L x 23″ W x 20″ D tank body, with (12x) 0.297″ (19/64″) NOZZLES – 8″ apart, DRAIN (cover, screen, body) LOCATED at end of tank (not centered), (4x) SANITARY ADJUSTABLE BALL FEET (stationary, no casters), COVERLESS TANK (no cover). Call 1.800.844.6261 today for pricing!

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Clean-Out-of-Place Tank

When I was first approached by an employee about purchasing a new COP tank, I wasn’t sure what she meant. I did a bit of research and found out that COP stands for Clean-Out-of-Place. Frequently, COP immersion washers are used by pharmaceutical and biotech processing facilities.

A COP immersion tank is really a washer with a turbulent circulation system. Techs place dirty parts into the tank and the currents thoroughly wash the interior and exterior of the parts. COP tanks are especially useful for cleaning small parts where human hands might not fit for a thorough scrubbing.

COP Tanks

Here at Koss Industrial, Inc. we think you should be able to clean how you want. That’s why we design and fabricate highly customizable COP tanks to suit your unique application. Some of our standard sizes (manufactured from 12GA, 304 stainless steel 2B material):

  • 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 ft. Lengths
  • 117, 140, 185, 231, & 276 gal. Capacities (1″ below rim)
  • C1-3, C1-7.5, C2-7.5, C2-10, & C2-15 Pump Sizes Solid C-HP

Standard equipment includes (but is not limited to): Stainless> Capillary Tube Well, Check Valve (after steam valve), In-Line Steam Injector Device, Ball Feet, and Sanitary Pump (with painted motor) and Self-Acting Brass Steam Valve.

Optional equipment: Swivel Casters, Drain Valve/Port (in front of pump inlet), Stainless Wire Hanging Basket, upgrade to Stainless Motor, Electric Heat, LKH pump, Single/Double Manifold(s) and Cover(s) (split or single).



COP Tanks

Here at Koss Industrial, Inc., we offer an extensive line of products.  A few examples are cookers, grinders, heat exchangers, cheese presses, COP tanks, and much more!

Our teams of experts serve customers by providing custom engineering, metal fabrication, waterjet cutting, precision machining, component parts, electrical controls, instrumentation, and process piping services. Although we initially established our business to serve local dairy and food industries, we’ve gone on to serve the pharmaceutical and other industries requiring specialized equipment. And we’ve built a reputation as a trusted partner serving major companies in the United States and abroad.  These are only a few of the many reasons when looking for a COP Tank, or any stainless steel equipment for that matter, you should turn to Koss Industrial.