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Round Mount Adjustable Feet are designed to meet all Sanitary foot applications, sealed with O-ring Elastomer.  Exterior Polished to #4 25-32 Ra Dairy Finish. Manufactured from 100% 304 Stainless Steel, in accordance with the 3A Sanitary Standard for Machine Leveling Feet and Supports Sec 88-00.  Load Rating at Max. Extension: Short Foot 2900 lbs, Long Foot 2200 lbs

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Sanitary Stainless – Round Mount Adjustable Feet

A sanitary solution

Sanitary Round Mount Adjustable Feet come in 2 different styles; weld and ball.

FOOT BOTTOM;  BALL – spherical foot bottom (‘bottom’ referring to the part of the foot which comes into contact with it’s environment)  WELD – foot bottom is modifiable, ready to be welded to another object; could be a tab/caster/etc (that object will be the foot bottom; ‘bottom’ referring to the part of the foot which comes into contact with it’s environment.

Round Mount Feet are available in 2 sizes; 1.5″ and 2.0″ (tube) size, actual outer diameter. Short model rated for 2900 lbs at max extension, long for 2200 lbs.

CIP System

CIP (Clean In Place) Systems automatically control equipment washing. We offer a wide variety of systems, from 1-4 tanks with 50-3,000+ gallons. Skid features heavy-duty stainless steel construction with glass bead finish & adjustable ball feet. Koss is a UL listed 508A Panel Shop: #E330004, our Panel Boxes constructed to NEMA4 specifications. Allen Bradley controls standard with 10 included wash programs. Customizable single, dual, triple or quad CIP Systems are designed & constructed to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards.

cip systems | polished sanitary tanks | steam bundle | steam control valve | steam trap |supply pump | supply valves | return valves | pressure transmitters | RTD | Proof of Flow | AB Controls | Panel Box | Wire Diagrams | Chart Recorder | Level Transmitters | Burst Valve | Filter

Standard Equipment
Polished Sanitary Tanks
Steam Bundle
Steam Control Valve
Steam Trap
Supply Pump
Supply Valves
Return Valves
Pressure Transmitters
Proof of Flow
Panel Box with AB Controls
Wire Diagrams
Chart Recorder
Level Transmitters
Burst Valve

Tanks for Any Application

CIP, COP, scrape, starter, balance, hardening, legal PMO, processors, rectangular, storage (tanks & silos), sub-chemical… those are some of the tanks Koss Industrial, Inc. creates.

There are a variety of shapes & sizes that range from 1-3,000+ gallons. Units are designed & manufactured at our facility to customer specifications, designed & constructed to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards  from 304, 316, Hastelloy, or AL6XN. We offer complete custom fabrication of any style vessel (we do ASME Pressure Vessels) with unlimited features – custom agitation is available: swept, scraped or dual. We also offer #4/#7 polish or glass bead finishes as well as installation & reconditioning services.

CIP Systems

Koss Industrial, Inc.‘s CIP Systems allow users to automatically control washing of equipment. There is a wide variety of systems offered, single or dual systems available, from 1-4 tanks with 50-3,000+ gallon capacities, with chemical supply pumps for in-line chemical injection. There are 10 wash programs included.

Skids are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel box tube with glass bead finish and adjustable ball feet. Koss Industrial, Inc.’s CIP Systems are designed and constructed to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards.

Standard features include polished sanitary tanks, steam bundle, steam control valve, steam trap, supply pump/valves, return valves, pressure transmitters, RTD, proof of flow, panel box with AB controls, wire diagrams, chart recorder, level transmitters, burst valve, and filter.

Options available include, but are not limited to, skid mounted design, sealed manway, sprayball for tanks, overflow mounted outside, PH probe, conductivity probes, return pump, AC/Drive, other PLC manufacturers, flow verters, and plant installation.

Cheese Making Equipment

Cheese Making EquipmentKoss Industrial, Inc. offers a large array of stainless steel cheese making equipment, both new and reconditioned.  For example, Koss’ manufactures process cheese cookers, cheese grinders,  HTST systems, curd pails, CIP systems,   sanitary conveyors, clean catwalks, sanitary floor drains, and much more.