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SCPP-2The SCPP range of positive displacement pumps have been designed for use on a wide range of applications within: Dairy, Food, Beverage, Pharma and Personal Care markets. 
CIP-able SCPP2 Pumps in-stock at KOSS
The highly efficient design is particularly suited to applications that are low in viscosity with medium to high discharge pressures.

Dairy Industry

Koss Industrial, Inc. offers a wide variety of cheese processing equipment for the dairy industry, both new and reconditioned.  Some examples of Koss’ cheese processing equipment are the lab cookers, hot water sets, ClearBrine® Ultra Filtration units, cheese cutters (as pictured) and CIP Systems are only the beginning of what Koss’ has to offer.

COP Tanks

Here at Koss Industrial, Inc., we offer an extensive line of products.  A few examples are cookers, grinders, heat exchangers, cheese presses, COP tanks, and much more!

Our teams of experts serve customers by providing custom engineering, metal fabrication, waterjet cutting, precision machining, component parts, electrical controls, instrumentation, and process piping services. Although we initially established our business to serve local dairy and food industries, we’ve gone on to serve the pharmaceutical and other industries requiring specialized equipment. And we’ve built a reputation as a trusted partner serving major companies in the United States and abroad.  These are only a few of the many reasons when looking for a COP Tank, or any stainless steel equipment for that matter, you should turn to Koss Industrial.

Precision Machining At Koss

  At Koss Industrial, we are committed to offering creative solutions to meet a variety of our customer’s needs.  With our precision machining services, we’ll help you reduce costs, shorten lead times, and simplify your supply chain.  That’s because here at Koss Industrial we are able to do a project from start to finish – from waterjet cutting, welding, and polishing to final precision machining.

Koss Industrial, Inc. is located at 1943 Commercial Way in Green Bay, WI.  Keep us in mind for any and all of your precision maching needs!

Cheese Processing Equipment

Here at Koss Industrial, Inc. we have been meeting the needs of our customers in the dairy business since Joe and John Koss founded Koss Industrial, Inc.  That is why you can trust that our workmanship and materials are top notch.  We maufacture complete process cheese equipment, process cheese cookers, holding hoppers, single- and multiple-ribbon casting lines, continuous cheese cookers, and specialty cookers to handle grains as well as dairy products.  Automatic controls are an optiuon on all equipment.  

As you can see, here at Koss we offer a wide variety of cheese processing equipment.  We are sure to we cna fulfil your cheese processing quipment needs!

Cheese Vats

Currently, Koss Industrial, Inc. has three Stoelting Cheese Vats with Controls and one without controls.  The vats are constructed of stainless steel and are built to the holding capacity of 40,000 lbs (4650 Gallons).  Check out for more informations including specifications, prices, and pictures!

Cheese Hoops

40# Block Cheese Hoops - Wilson Hoop Style DesignBlock Cheese Hoops, also commonly referred to as cheese molds (moulds) or forms, are a necessity to the cheese making process.

Koss Industrial, Inc. manufactures these cheese hoops using the Wilson Hoop style design, which is suitable for virtually every specialty cheese.  The rectangular-shaped cheese hoop boxes are made from 14 gauge stainless steel and the cheese hoop of the box, liner, cover, and (2) pins.  Koss manufactures both the 20 pound and the 40 pound cheese moulds.

Check Valves

The check valve is designed to use in sanitary stainless steel pipe systems.  The check valve is responsible for preventing the reverse product flow.  This valve is versatile because it can be installed either vertically or horizaontally.  Pictured here is Alfa Laval’s “Y”-Body check valve.


Centrifugal Pump

One of the most common series of centrifugal pumps would have to be the C-Series pumps.  Many distributors carry this pump, making it virtually universal.  This pump has been an industry standard for many years.

  Koss Industrial has the C series pumps available to purchase online.  For sizing your pump correctly, give John Koss at Koss Industrial (1-800-844-6261), Inc. a call to ensure your getting exactly what you need at an everyday affordable price.