Curd Transfer Pumping with the SRU Pump

Great Curd Pump information from Alfa Laval! Documented test results from a Wisconsin customer – the SRU provides a 20% reduction in curd fines along with higher flow rates, resulting in quicker vat turnover and ultimately more cheese produced!

This WI Customer, a leader in the North American dairy industry, considers the curd transfer pump a critical cheese making step – as gentle product moving is essential to minimizing cheese fines or waste during vat transfer. An Alfa Laval SRU6-WLD with Bi-Lobe, no galling rotors was tested comparatively to the customer’s existing PR300 pump, using stringent criteria for a controlled comparison where the SRU6 results excelled – proven by  the significant 20% reduction in curd fines levels. After testing 2 additional competitor pump options, an Alfa Laval SRU6WLD pump was purchased because it provided the lowest fines compared to all pumps tested.

The SRU is also a CIP pump, which reduces overall cleaning time as well as potential pump damage which can occur during manual cleaning. While reducing fines levels, the SRU6WLD pump runs at higher flow rates, resulting in quicker tank turnover – allowing more cheese vat production. Contact a Koss representative today for more information on the SRU Pump Curd Transfer Test!