Time flies when you’re having fun – it is all too easy to allow certain routine tasks to slip past your radar.  There are many reasons why your plant’s Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) may no longer be up to date, but don’t worry, KOSS can help if you have neither the time nor the inclination to revise your Plant P&ID.  Maybe your sanitary process piping no longer appears to be so sanitary…  Whether you want your piping mapped out, brought up to code, re-sized, or re-routed – Koss Industrial’s talented Road Crew & Engineering Team can help you on-site.

“KOSS-Quality” – Innovation You Can Trust.

There’s “high-quality”, and then there’s “KOSS-Quality” – superior products & services.  Utilizing our skilled Engineering Team’s Services to update your Plant P&ID provides an excellent opportunity to go over any future plans or concepts (for future projects, you’ll know that we’re familiar with your plant).  We provide custom solutions that complement individual applications.  By having a KOSS team member update your Plant P&ID you also benefit from having another set of eyes on your process layout and plant design.  We love it when we’re given the opportunity to help customer processes experience higher-efficiencies with lower complexity & maintenance.

Koss Industrial, Inc. offers a broad range of services beyond Process/Mechanical Design & Engineering.  Consider our Road Crew – we’ve been working on-site at customer facilities from the very beginning.  Did you know that KOSS worked in local customer plants before we had our own manufacturing plant?  Customer-centric,  Koss Industrial was founded by brothers Joe & John Koss, who started out working on-site in Wisconsin cheese plants – so you can trust that KOSS understands the idiosyncrasies of the Dairy Industry.

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Innovate with Koss Industrial, Inc.

Discover Smaller Footprint Production Lines (For Custom Block & Barrel Handling)

Need to reduce the size of your blocks & barrels, without sacrificing all of your floor space?  KOSS Sanitary, Custom Grinders can help with that.  Other lines can be bulky, involving multiple steps and machines…KOSS Grinders can extrude barrels, directly into cookers or onto conveyors if desired.

Sick of harping?

Sick of harping on the same old issues when cutting your cheese barrels?  Cutting barrels can pose an enormous safety risk.  All of those moving parts can be an accident waiting to happen, and securing the area surrounding cutting machinery takes up a significant amount of space.  Instead of cutting product to reduce size, try a KOSS Grinder, or view some of our equipment tests in our Green Bay, WI manufacturing plant.  We’ve tested a variety of cheeses, in Grinders ranging from lab- to production-sized.  View some of our videos in the playlist below.  Can you see your product in a KOSS Custom Grinder?

Free up floor space!

Koss Industrial, Inc. believes your space is valuable, so why waste it?  Our production lines are custom designed to suit your space – whether you have limited floor space, or a height restriction, KOSS will find a way if there’s one to be found.

Sized to suit you, the biggest constraint on time for KOSS Grinders is load (feed) time…the standard “speed problem” is that our machines grind faster than they can be loaded.

Strong & sanitary, innovation is the name of our game – call us at 1.800.844.6261 and find out more about the Custom Grinder KOSS would recommend for your application!

Need A Sanitary Trolley? KOSS Does Custom Overhead Conveyors.


High quality, Overhead Conveyor Systems by Koss Industrial, Inc. are available in many styles & configurations…because they’re custom.  KOSS even designs & fabricates Sanitary Stainless Steel Trolley / Track Systems!

Design – Movement

Custom Overhead Conveyor Trolleys are available in styles that either:

  • Trolleys Ride Atop a track (sanitary designs possible, as the trolley wheels glide atop a diagonally mounted square tube), or
  • Trolleys Ride Inside a track (non-sanitary design, trolley wheels glide inside a c-channel / rectangular enclosed track).

Direction – Route

We’re able to help you convey your materials overhead along the necessary path.

  • Straight Track
  • Curved Track

Motion – Power

  • Free Systems (manual, moving the trolley along the track by hand)
  • Power Systems (mechanical, not moving the trolley along the track by hand)
    • Fully Automated:  improves efficiency and drastically reduces the risks of human error (automation helps reduce the risk of potential injury by minimizing exposure/human contact)
    • Power Assisted:  reduces physical strain on personnel, allowing the operator to safely manually handle a larger and/or heavier load (via mechanical assistance)

Get Trolley/Track Systems On Other Machines

Integrate-able Feature

KOSS even integrates custom Trolley/Track Systems as optional “adder” features for other equipment and systems!

Why integrate a Trolley/Track System?  Safety first!  Reduce physical strain on personnel.  Help eliminate the risk of an employee dropping a heavy, sharp, or otherwise-potentially-hazardous item.  Plus, an integrated trolley is typically beneficial to preserving the longevity of the machine it is on.

What would a Trolley/Track System get integrated onto?  Across COP Tanks (possibly with integrated hoist/lifting mechanism), onto Grinders as a swinging Trolley Arm (hinged to allow safe face plate disassembly for auger removal), …there are innumerable ways to integrate .

When should I consider integrating a Trolley/Track System?  Integrate it anywhere you need to move anything that is either heavy and/or awkward to either grasp or maneuver. Stay safer by limiting and controlling movement with trolley/track systems.

Sick of Worrying About Food Safety & Plant Safety?  Partner With an Experienced, Innovative Supplier.

Save time and eliminate some of what’s making you stress – consider KOSS quality.  Our innovative solutions are custom – that means we can create pretty much anything you dream up, and with our vast industry experience, we’re also able to make suggestions.  From the classic tried-and-true safety features, to the-latest-and-greatest gadgets that can sense danger and take immediate action – KOSS can provide safety solutions that meet your requirements.


Discover equipment that makes you feel confident about maintaining food safety excellence.  KOSS has been providing sanitary custom products and services since 1978. Founded in the Dairy State, and serving Wisconsin Cheese Makers from the very beginning, we understand the unique challenges faced by dairy and food applications.  Trust in our experience, consider KOSS’ innovative, high-quality custom services, systems, equipment, components & parts!

Don’t spend sleepless nights worrying over the “what-ifs” – invest in prevention.

We want you to sleep soundly at night, resting easily because you trust in your KOSS equipment to perform exactly as you intended.

Designed and built for your needs, KOSS custom solutions offer the exact degree of safety you desire for your product, your plant, and your people. Services, Systems, Equipment, Components & Parts:  Get what you need  with Koss Industrial, Inc. (manufacturer/supplier in Green Bay, WI).

Learn About Blowing Curd – Find Sanitary Pneumatic Conveying Equipment

Troubled with finding Curd Blowing Equipment?  Consider contacting KOSS about custom Sanitary Pneumatic Conveying solutions, learn what your options are to Blow Curd in the way to best complement your unique application needs.

Trust experience, consider KOSS.

Innovative Curd Blowing Solutions.


Curd Cyclone (shown with CIP Hook-up)

Separate air from blown curd – air escapes through the breather atop the cyclone while curd drops into the cooker (forms, or other machine at end of blower line). Stainless steel Cyclone Curd Collectors’ CIP-able configurations feature a Spray Ball Hook-up which clamps to the Cyclones Curd Inlet. Stands and mobility options available!


Table UnloaderCurd Unloaders / Auger Conveyors feed CIP-able Curd Air Lock Assemblies from Tables. The Double Helix Ribbon Auger feeds toward the center, dropping curd into the Star-Wheel whose rotating vanes introduce curd into the Blower Line.


Curd Air Lock AssemblyIntroduce curd into Blower Line, and are fully customizable (Teflon coating available, as well as other options). Curd drops into Star-Wheel (between the vanes), rotating into Blower Line. These CIP-able mobile assemblies can be modified to feed an Auger Conveyor or Curd Mill.


Whether you need a little Field Piping, a Full Plant Installation, or Emergency Services (+beyond), consider KOSS for high quality, experienced on-site service. KOSS DOES:  Troubleshooting, Breakdowns, Startups, Maintenance, Modifications, Additions, Removals, Piping, Automation, and more – CALL TODAY FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY! 1.800.844.6261


HEPA Air Filter Housing Assembly by Koss Industrial, Inc.
HEPA Air Filter Housing Assembly by Koss Industrial, Inc.

You’re Blowing Curd. How clean is your air? Don’t sweat the small stuff – have more faith in your utilities by relying on KOSS systems & equipment, such as Hot Water Sets and Air Filter Housing Assemblies.  High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters remove 99.97% of airborne particles. Easy access HEPA and Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) Filter Housing Assemblies by KOSS feature durable stainless designs, custom sizes and configurations available. Stay safe and sanitary, trust in KOSS quality.

Start Conveying Your Sanitary Product SAFER

Now that it’s installed, are you worried your New Sanitary Conveyor  isn’t as compliant as you ordered?  It happens:  the design & fabrication company assured you they’d build what you needed, but they didn’t have the industry experience – their “sanitary” conveyor’s weld-quality doesn’t come close to matching your other equipment. Their conveyor has crevices and corners that you know won’t stay clean; perhaps you even find areas that aren’t drainable… you ordered sanitary, but didn’t receive it. Consider calling Koss Industrial, Inc. for help, we can save non-compliant components, equipment & systems. Whether your non-compliant issue requires a touch-up, refinishing, or a complete re-design, KOSS can help.

Trust KOSS Solutions To Meet or Exceed Standards.

Safety is a serious matter, we understand the care and caution that goes hand-in-hand with processing & producing dairy / food products.  Whether it’s Food Safety or Plant Personnel Safety, discover the comfort of reliable KOSS quality.

KOSS 11GS Grinder Convey Line (2613C) with product entering grinder via Incline Conveyor and ground product exiting via Z Conveyor

Direct food contact units are our specialty. We confidently create heavy duty, sanitary welded stainless steel units finished to dairy standards – and as a custom manufacturer we can also provide cost-effective, light duty, non-sanitary bolted aluminum frame units, or biopharm quality solutions.

Conveyors Customized to Complement Unique Applications

High quality, fully customizable KOSS Conveyors are available in many styles, with a wide range of adders (belt scraper, catch pans, in-feed hopper or guides, end stops, discharge chute or guides, side guards with opt. ports, etc.). Consider innovating with KOSS.

  • CURVED CONVEYORS Incline, Decline, or Flat.

    Curved Incline Conveyor by Koss Industrial, Inc. easily handles packages
  • DE-WATERING CONVEYORS De-water fine cheese curd and more, using multiple configurable options.
  • DIP CONVEYORS Decline into your dipping media, incline out – a “roller coaster ride” for your product.
  • HORIZONTAL CONVEYORS Standard flat conveyance, innumerable configurations and belting styles.
  • INCLINE AUGER CONVEYORS Add Jacketing to maintain temperature, available with Hot Water Sets on.
  • INDEXING CONVEYORS Direct product, steer into different lines using these helpful routing machines.
  • VERTICAL CONVEYORS No room to incline? No problem. KOSS can provide small footprint solutions.
  • Z CONVEYORS Enter flat, go up/down, exit flat.

Consider KOSS Conveyors for your material handling needs.


Custom sanitary stainless steel material handling equipment & systems by KOSS are capable of handling a wide variety of products. KOSS custom products handle material the way you need your materials to be handled (sanitary, pharmaceutical, industrial…KOSS innovates to complement individual applications).

  • Versatile Conveyance Options
    * Augers (304/316L stainless, teflon coating, flighting styles)
    * Belting (smooth, cleated, wire, modular plastic, thermoplastic)
    * Rollers (stainless, plastic)
  • Pneumatic Belt Tensioning
  • Air Cylinders (easily adjustable belting)
  • Sanitary Drive Roller and Removable Bearings
  • Multiple Framing Styles
  • Orientation (horizontal, incline, decline, straight, curve, merge, divert, entry, exit, and more)
  • Sanitary / Industrial / Pharma
    * Stainless Steel / Aluminum
    * Welded / Bolted Frame
    * Drive Type / Placement
    * Legs / Ceiling Supports / Mobile


  • Interior Fully Polished (teflon coating & other finishes available)
  • Exterior Bead-Blasted (fully polished or unfinished)
  • Cleaning (CIP-able options)
    * Multiple CIP Hook-up Options
    * COP Time Saving Features, Frame-Mounted Wash Baskets, and Tools (varied cleaning and convenience options)
  • Framing Features
    * Sealed Tube (box / round standard)
    * Formed (angle or channel)
    * Other ______________________
  • Footing Features
    * Casters (for mobility)
    * Sanitary Adjustable Ball, Tab, Bolted Plate (non-adj. avail.)
    * Load Cells
  • Control Panel
    * Start/Stop Button
    * Emergency Stop
    * Variable Frequency Drive and Disconnect
  • Motor & Gear Drives (custom horse power, motor options: stainless, painted washdown, explosion proof, etc.)
  • Safety Solutions, Custom
    * More Emergency Stops
    * Proximity Switches
    * Light Curtain (sensors)
    * Additional Guarding, Caging or Modifications Reducing Contact (between machine and operators/maintenance personnel)
  • Service (refinish/modify/repair)
  • Stairs / Platforms / Mezzanines
  • Line Automation / Integration
1200 LB Cheese Production Line by KOSS
Sanitary Incline Conveyor in a 1200 LB Cheese Line by Koss Industrial, Inc.

Consider KOSS Conveyors for your material handling needs.

Sintered Stainless P-GS Filter Element (drop-in replacement)

Why consider a sintered stainless filter element?

P-GS Filter Element (sintered stainless drop-in replacement)Well, for starters, it can be regenerated.  You can regenerate it by flushing/cleaning to lower your operating costs and extend filter life!

P-GS provides high dirt holding capacity at low  differential pressure and high flow rate, and it can be regenerated by back flushing or ultrasonic cleaning to deliver long filter life and reduced operating costs. 13 lengths, 3 micron ratings and connection options. High-quality continuous 316L sintered stainless steel filter media construction with 304 SS welded end caps.

Consider KOSS for your filtering & straining needs.

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Why Choose KOSS Quality?

Custom Solutions.

What are my options?

Honestly?  Virtually anything.  If it’s feasible and functional (ideally optimal), we can help you with your sanitary stainless steel (system, equipment, component, part, or service).

KOSS is uniquely qualified to provide custom sanitary solutions because we have a strong history serving cheesemakers (since 1978) and many others throughout the sanitary industries (we now serve applications from industrial to pharmaceutical).  We provide solutions to meet and exceed standards, all that may apply, including both your personal preferences as well as the standards of your:  plant, industry, city, state, country, etc.

What makes “KOSS Quality” so special?

First thing that comes to mind?  Dedication to high-quality, long lasting solutions and our ability to take a project from design to completion in-house.  We won’t quote a less expensive material grade to win a project bid if we believe it may not provide a trustworthy long-lasting solution for your process.  So, whether it’s quoting a heavier material gauge, or a more resilient material grade – KOSS puts quality first.  When estimating or determining pricing, we don’t use base models or lower-cost materials that may not be suitable for your application long-term in order to lower our bid’s overall project price.

Why?  Because, at Koss Industrial, Inc. we focus on providing the best possible pricing for innovative solutions that complement each unique application.  We put custom quality first.  We don’t want to win your bid simply because we were the lowest-cost proposed; we want to win your trust (your project, and your continued business) with our competitive pricing, our innovative-solutions, and our lasting quality.

Innovate with KOSS quality.

A Cost-Effective Rotary Lobe Pump for Sanitary Standard Duties

OptiLobe Pumps – Simplistic Quality

Fun Fact:  These pumps are not as sensitive to temperature changes as other positive pumps.

Alfa Laval’s OptiLobe PD pumps are ideal for viscous food and beverage products. This optimized range of positive displacement pumps brings the quality and reliability of the SRU series into a simple, cost-effective range of pumps featuring:

  • An all stainless steel, paint-free exteriors
  • Front-loading seals
  • Universal mounting (all models)
  • Compliant with all FDA and 3A requirements
  • Six models with flow rates up to 211 GPM and pressures up to 115 PSI

Contact Koss Industrial, Inc. with any product and pricing questions – we even offer pump sizing services to help ensure you have the best pump to complement your application.  Browse our online pump selection, if the item you’re looking for isn’t online yet, please give us a call at 1.800.844.6261 (standard office hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm CST).

Hot Water Sets – Safer Thermal Energy Systems

Regulate & maintain temperature with KOSS Hot Water Sets – wall-mounted and skidded designs are fully customizable. Koss Industrial, Inc. designs and manufactures a Hot Water Set to best complement your application and unique specifications.  We also provide high quality Process Piping Services, along with many others!

Why Hot Water?

Hot water offers advantages such as precise temperature control with even heat distribution, eliminating hot spots and providing quality control and ease of cleaning. Not only is the system easier to regulate, but a Hot Water Set is also easier to operate than a steam system.

Functioning at lower pressure, a KOSS Hot Water Set doesn’t require special jacketing and provides a safer environment (by not needing high-pressure steam runs throughout the plant).  Regulating & maintaining temperature is a breeze with Hot Water Sets – KOSS’ hot water systems are fabricated to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards and are constructed from durable stainless steel.  We can design/fabricate hot water sets to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Hot Water Offers:

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Even Heat Distribution
    -eliminates hot spots
    -quality control/ease of cleaning
  • Lower Pressure
    -doesn’t require special jacketing
  • A Safer Environment
    -as opposed to having high pressure steam runs throughout the plant

Hot Water Sets - skidded design

When would I NOT use Hot Water Sets?  Heat transfer in a steam system is higher than a hot water system, so you wouldn’t consider using hot water if your process includes UHT treatment.  Find out more about KOSS Culinary Steam and Heating & Cooling solutions online, or call 1.800.844.6261.

What Are My Options?

We provide solutions to meet and exceed standards.  Some examples of available options for Hot Water Systems include:

  • Various Material Finishes
  • Controls (various systems)
  • Skid or Wall Mounted
    • Layout / Design
  • Different Styles of Expansion Tanks
  • Insulation
  • Stainless Motors
  • Heat Exchangers
    • -ASME U-Tube
    • -8, 10, 12″ U-Tube Heat Exchangers operating above 15 psig mawp will be ASME stamped

But honestly?  Virtually anything is your option.  KOSS is uniquely qualified to provide custom sanitary solutions because we have a strong history serving cheesemakers (since 1978) and many others throughout the sanitary industries (we now serve applications from industrial to pharmaceutical).Hot Water Set - skidded design

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