Automation Myth-Busters

For those stuck in the old ways, we’d like to bust some common myths about automation.

Just as old cell phones have evolved into smartphones with multiple manufacturers & brands (like iPhone/Galaxy/Pixel/Lumia), so to have automation solutions for production lines and stand-alone equipment evolved.  Automation technology has grown to the point where there are multiple options & brands readily available from many manufacturers.

Automation Myths, Busted

  1. MYTH: “Automation costs a lot more.”
    BUSTED: The initial investment for Automation is a lot less then you think, and the technology packs a serious punch when it comes to giving you a substantial return on your investment (excellent ROI). The best part is that automation is scale-able, and can grow with your process over time.
  2. MYTH: “Automation is complicated.”
    BUSTED: We strive to make the complex simple. This technology has grown by leaps and bounds, it is incredibly intuitive & user-friendly, and it’s getting easier every day.
  3. MYTH: “Automation servicing & parts are hard to get.”
    BUSTED: The parts are often in-stock, or immediately available to order. You are not down for a week while waiting for a part, this technology is readily available and widely supported.
  4. MYTH: “It’s going to be too hard to train my workforce to use  it [Automation].”
    BUSTED: KOSS Programmers design the interfaces to be as easy to use as possible! With your input, we ensure ease of use (we use graphics/images to show your equipment on the touchscreens). We modify your screens so that you are able to easily control your process, using the lingo/verbiage/jargon terms that those in your plant use every day!  For example, if your guys call KOSS’ Grinder “The Processor”, then our Programmers will change the label.  Your user-interfaces complement your plant perfectly!
  5. MYTH: “My People Carefully Follow Our Recipes (no real benefit in Automation)”
    BUSTED: The truth is…personnel DO modify recipes.  Whether they’re attempting to be helpful (and have excellent reasons for deviating from the recipe), or they stray from the recipe purely on accident, the fact is that people are only human, subject to human-error.  Automation, however, is not human!  It can reduce judgement errors and inefficiencies by ensuring control.  Many processing set-points are highly subjective in nature (i.e. visual/color, taste, consistency, etc.) – Automation eliminates the discrepancies of subjective decision-making, that otherwise varies with each operator shift change in personnel.
  6. MYTH: “We’re already Automated, so we don’t need to look into it [Automation].”
    BUSTED: Just like your smartphone becomes outdated as new versions are release, new advances also occur in Automation. You upgrade your smartphones, your computers, your software…why not upgrade your Automation? You should at least look into it. Technology is growing at such a rapid rate. You need to make sure that you are reaping all the benefits of your existing Automation, stay up to date on upgrades and advancements in technology.

Benefits of Automation

  • Simplify The Complex – it’s easy to understand & operate.
  • Reduce Human Error – eliminate mistakes or slight miscalculations by effectively controlling your process.
  • Improve Efficiency – reduce cycle times and increase throughput by optimizing a repetitive (or delicate) process through automation (for example, increase efficiency by utilizing batch recipes.
  • Data Recovery & Logging – enjoy the perks of analytics; improve your product and your process by reviewing the data, then you can make adjustments to ensure that every batch comes out better.
  • Log Recipes, Minimize Risks, Enhance Your Product – Get better scores on your risk assessments. Control every step of your process to minimize risks. Know why it turned out better when someone tweaks a recipe. Control batches and track ingredients’ lot numbers for precise quality control.
  • User Friendly – easy to use, operator friendly.  Touch screen operation is ideal for production line use as it is very user-friendly. Operators are able to easily navigate the production line and its individual machines. With an image of the machine accompanying its specific control, precision is made easy!
  • Scale-able – We can plan ahead long-term. By starting you off at a lower initial investment and gradually bringing the rest of your plant (or process) online over time. We can make this technology more affordable & manageable for you. This ideal investment can grow with your process over time.

Ask Us About Automating!

Trust KOSS to make your process work in the way that is best-suited to you. Don’t worry if you have different brands of automated equipment or other challenges; we can tie into existing automation, or re-optimize your entire process/plant. Consider Koss Industrial, Inc. for Sanitary Process Control & Monitoring – we specialize in batch and continuous, from stand-alone equipment to plant-wide integration. KOSS understands the challenges present when providing compliant solutions and meeting unique project requirements. We will strive to make the complex simple.

Optimize Your Process & Energy Efficiency.

KOSS is a UL Listed 508A Panel Shop #E330004 – we offer control panel design and assembly, custom operator interfaces (push button, standalone, distributed), field services, a fully stocked parts department & electrical service vehicles, data collection (chart recorder, videographic, process historian with reporting), and PLC programming. Controls can be programmed to offer multiple recipes’ steps, ensure consistency by reducing human input. Utilize batch control to specifically organize activities and functions, ensuring consistency. So please…consider reaching out to us, let’s optimize YOUR manufacturing process and energy efficiency!

Call us for more Automation information – Koss Industrial, Inc. 1.800.844.6261 (toll-free).

Be Mine - Will you be our Valentine? Consider Koss Industrial.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re looking for a long-term relationship, but we’ll settle for a first-date.  Partner with KOSS on your next project.  Give us a chance to supply your spare parts, or to design & manufacture your new plant/expansion.  Our process lines and plant designs are created custom; enjoy high-efficiency, flexibility, low-complexity and optimized maintenance!  So “swipe right” for Koss Industrial, Inc.  For turnkey project management, for process piping, or for a spare gasket – make us your sanitary supplier & manufacturer.

Roses are red, Maintenance is blue, To cheer them up, We have solutions for you!
Roses are red,  Maintenance is blue,  To cheer them up,  We have solutions for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Koss Industrial, Inc.
(your not-so-secret admirer)

Preventative Maintenance:

The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Sick of the stress from problem-based maintenance?  Get proactive with help from KOSS!

Go from problems to prevention:

  • Stop being caught off guard.  Gain security, achieve better peace of mind
  • Servicing helps prevent bigger issues.  Reduce your spare parts consumption
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises.  Plan your budget and your downtime

Why make us your Valentine?

Be Mine…choose KOSS to help with your preventative maintenance program.
We can supply & service from a wide variety of brands and manufacturers.  Request your specific brand(s), or consider asking a Koss Industrial team-member for more information on Alfa Laval.  As an authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor (and Pump SuperCenter), Koss Industrial, Inc. has the resources & experience to rock your world.

Not only a custom manufacturer – we supply, modify, repair & recondition too.
We stock spares & seal kits and have a varied inventory of both new and used parts for a variety of equipment – we can even modify parts or components!  The best part…you can trust us.  We are well-acquainted with the stringent guidelines and unique needs of dairy sanitation.  Koss Industrial, Inc. has years of experience serving varied industries:  Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Industrial…and many other industries.  We help customers meet & exceed standards and requirements.

We’d like to get to know you…will you be in touch?

1-800-844-6261 (toll-free) – connect with us on the phone, request a visit from KOSS to your plant, or consider scheduling a tour of our plant (in Green Bay, WI) if you prefer to see Koss Industrial, Inc. in action.  Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with our Inside Sales Team – they will be able to assist you directly, or in more technical cases, they will bring your inquiry to the attention of our appropriate tech-expert, engineer, or specialist here at Koss Industrial.  Happy Valentine’s Day – we hope to hear from you soon!


Need An Overview of Sanitary Valves By Alfa Laval?

Your Project Is In Good Hands (Custom Platform Handling)

Custom or Contract Manufacturing Stainless Steel Projects Safely

…consider Koss Industrial, Inc. Products & Services for your stainless steel project needs.  There are no minimum quantities or design limits.  Whether you need one part re-machined or a sanitary production line with turn-key project management — KOSS does custom work for End-Users and OEMs.

Moving Out:  Custom Platform

…even as your projects prepare to leave our shop floor, the KOSS Team provides safe and careful handling.  This Custom Platform is heading out, to be finished and assembled out in the field.

The KOSS team safely loading sections of a Platform (January 2017)
The KOSS Team safely loading sections of a Platform (January 2017)

A diverse KOSS Team ensures that your project is handled with the appropriate care.  Dedicated to both personnel and project safety, loading regularly involves multiple people working together:  Truck-Driver, Fabricators, Finishers, and Foremen…even Sales personnel, Engineers, Designers, HR Manager, Owners, Members of KOSS’ Safety Committee, etc.  Whatever team we need to assemble, KOSS ensures that your project is handled safely and as specified.

Carefully loading Platform Sections onto a trailer in our Green Bay, WI manufacturing shop
Carefully loading Platform sections in our Green Bay, WI manufacturing shop

We strive to provide the best possible service and we’re dedicated to delivering superior quality products.  In addition to fitting your space, our Engineering Team takes the time to ensure the logistics of your project have been addressed, and they plan & design your project accordingly.  The KOSS Team accounts for things such as:

  • Transport Methods (especially important on larger projects)
  • Handling Capabilities at Receiving site (to safely move and position your project)
  • Planned Partial Disassembly/Reassembly
  • Smallest Doors (need to pass through)
  • …and many more!
The KOSS Team knows how to handle stainless steel (Platform Sections, Jan. 2017)
The KOSS Team knows how to handle stainless steel (Platform Sections, Jan. 2017)

Koss Industrial, Inc.  1943 Commercial Way,  Green Bay, WI 54311
Call us toll-free 1-800-844-6261 today!

Why are we, a custom stainless steel manufacturing shop in Green Bay, wishing you a happy Friday the 13th?

We’re friendly, we work with all sorts of people (and industries, from sanitary to pharmaceutical)!  Whether you believe in the power of Friday the 13th, or you find it to be hokum, hogwash, balderdash…altogether nonsense; regardless of your superstitions, we wish you a happy day today!

If you have

…and experience serious superstition regarding the number thirteen, then we hope you have been feeling safe & sound throughout today (and tonight)!

If you’re still feeling nervous, then maybe this will distract you:

Did you know that Koss Industrial, Inc. offers custom, precision machining services?
Even better, we offer custom precision machining services with no minimum order, we don’t even require a minimum quantity.  So YES, this means you can order only 3 pieces!  And YES, it means you can have one, single piece machined!  Our talented craftsmen know their trade inside & out, and they are dedicated to providing superior quality.

Mini-Augers made (precisely) by Koss Industrial, Inc.

We enjoy unique, challenging projects!  Our high-performance equipment ensures consistency and efficiency.  Accuracy with experience:  CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Manual Machining…there are many reasons for you to consider KOSS.

So give us a call at 1-800-844-6261

Find out what Koss Industrial, Inc. can do for you and your precision machining project!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Koss Industrial, Inc.

Happy Holidays from Koss Industrial

Christmas-time is here!

Whether it’s elf on the shelf, decorating cookies, Hanukkah traditions, secret Santa, holiday desserts, ugly Christmas sweaters, gingerbread houses, or singing Christmas carols – however you choose to celebrate this winter season, we hope that you enjoy a safe & wonderful winter season!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Koss Industrial, Inc.

“It’s the most wonderful time of year…” and all of us at Koss Industrial, Inc. would like to take a moment to wish you & your family a Happy Holiday Season – Merry Christmas, have a Happy New Year!

Dumping & Grinding (your barrels) may be just what the doctor ordered.

KOSS Custom Grinder with Chain Driven Dumper
KOSS Custom 11GT Grinder (motor guarding removed for picture) with Chain Driven Dumper and wheeled buggy

Load the Dumper manually, or automate it using a sanitary clamp (the claw may be your ideal barrel-handling option if you don’t want your personnel straining themselves, muscling the barrels in by hand).  Consider Koss Industrial, Inc.

Need Plates Now? Find a variety of Heat Exchanger Plates, in-stock & to-order!

Heat Exchanger Plate Inventory

In-stock in Green Bay, WI at Koss Industrial, Inc. we have a variety of plates available, and if your particular plate isn’t on-hand, we can order what you need: 1-800-844-6261 call today!  Here’s an example of some plates that can be found in our varied Plates Inventory:

  • CLIP6, CLIP8, CLIP10, …
  • FRONT6, FRONT8, FRONT10, …
  • H7, H10, …
  • M6-MBASE, M10-MBASE, …
  • TS6, …
  • …and more plates and gaskets!

We know components and systems.

We can provide a variety of services (from sizing to modifying, re-streaming, reconditioning, and more).  Trust KOSS to be your service-provider and supplier.  Koss Industrial, Inc. is an authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor & Pump SuperCenter – other brands available upon request!

Our stock contains a variety of components, brands, and component parts.

But if it cannot be found on our shelves, our team is dedicated to finding the solution to fit your needs, to help ensure minimal (or no) downtime for your process.  Consider KOSS, we can help you start-up and stay up & running!

Alfa Laval Standard CLIP Plate with Gasket for CLIP Heat Exchanger
Alfa Laval Standard CLIP Plate with Gasket for CLIP Heat Exchanger
11GT Grinder Production Line (2604)

Are your utilities keeping up with your process?

You’re working on your new expansion, you’ve been planning, estimating, designing…now you’re finally installing…but there’s a problem.

Your boiler isn’t big enough.  The steam pressure isn’t what it’s supposed to be.  Somewhere along the line someone failed to account for pressure loss due to additional (or modified) equipment, new (or resized) pipe runs, or any number of occurrences happened that affected your boiler capacity, and they weren’t accurately documented.

Avoid this pitfall.  The next time you reference your boiler capacity, try asking yourself “When were these numbers last verified?”, as well as “Who maintains this number, and are they in a position that is made aware of potential changes?”  Working on an exciting new project with your Equipment Supplier, it is far too easy to arrive at a solution (on paper) that doesn’t connect seamlessly to reality (in the plant).  Koss Industrial, Inc. is familiar with the needs of sanitary dairy processors.  With our ability to provide Turn-Key solutions, we can provide solutions to help your operators, maintenance personnel, production managers, and your bottom line!  Optimize your process in innovative ways with Koss Industrial, Inc.

Consider utilizing the engineering services of Koss Industrial, Inc. – having our skilled Engineering Team update your Plant P&ID provides an excellent opportunity to go over any future plans or concepts (for future projects, you’ll know that we’re familiar with your plant).  We provide custom solutions that complement individual applications.  By having a KOSS team member update your Plant P&ID you also benefit from having another set of eyes on your process layout and plant design.  We love it when we’re given the opportunity to help customer processes experience higher-efficiencies with less complexity and lower maintenance.


Today’s “featured in-stock item” is an Alfa Laval LKH 90 pump with motor.

Koss Industrial, Inc. has a broad, varied stock of pumps.  We’re an Authorized Alfa Laval Master Distributor and Pump SuperCenter – we’ve a wide variety of items on our shelves, ready & waiting to meet your needs!

thumb Pump & Motor Assembly LKH90M348F2EN36AAN-075C18WSP

LKH 90 6″ x 6″ ports, Tri-Clamp connections, 348 mm impeller, Flushed Shaft Seal, C vs SC seal face materials, EPDM elastomer material, no leg bracket, 365TSC motor frame, no casing drain, 32Ra mechanical finish, no passivation, 75 hp, 3/60/575 voltage, 1800 RPM, Washdown Sterling Motor, Premium Efficient.

Assembly Item No 9634094711 (contains item # 9634094710 Sterling Motor).

Buy this LKH90 pump and motor while it’s still here in Green Bay, WI – or call 1.800.844.6261 and order today!